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Advanced Digital Services Chooses DNF Controls' The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester

DNF Controls today announced that Hollywood, CA-based post-production studio Advanced Digital Services is using The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester to troubleshoot the data cabling infrastructure it relies on for VTR transport control in its editing, DVD authoring, and tape duplication areas.

"Our cable infrastructure is relatively complex, and we add new equipment to the network on a regular basis to expand and enhance our post-production capabilities," said Russell Ruggieri, manager of engineering at ADS. "As we modify the infrastructure, we occasionally lose a signal because of wiring errors or malfunctioning devices. Identifying the source of the problem could take hours of troubleshooting, but now that we have The Analyst, it's far easier and quicker to find the problem's cause, saving us from the headaches and lost opportunities of downtime."

ADS is a full-service post-production facility serving major studios and independents with a wide range of services, including editing in both standard definition and high definition, standards conversion, video and audio duplication, DVD authoring, and restoration. The company was already familiar with DNF Controls, having purchased DNF's VTR controllers for quality control.

"The Analyst is well-constructed, just like all of DNF's equipment, and to my knowledge it is the only test instrument on the market for this type of fault finding," said Ruggieri.

Companies in a wide range of industries share similar success stories about The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester. A compact, intuitive device with an easy-to-read, four-line by 40-character LCD screen, an eight-key keyboard, and separate RS422/RS232 connectors, The Analyst doesn't require opening up cables or desoldering pins, so even nontechnical people can use it to achieve results in seconds. It monitors communication between equipment, verifies signal paths, and identifies RS422-to-RS232 adapter problems. It is well-suited for use in remote production setups, new studio builds or facility upgrades, and in the maintenance of existing facilities and systems.