Adtec and MagicBox Create Cable Advertising System

Adtec Digital and MagicBox have created a system that allows cable companies to run still ads and full motion video insertion on the same channel. By combining Adtec's Soloist 2S and MagicBox's Aavelin, users can create dynamic messaging content and combine that with MPEG playback.

When MagicBox began integrating its system with Adtec's MPEG players, they developed the Soloist 2S MPEG-2 playback system, which combines automatic switching, scheduling, playback verification and MPEG-2 playback with up to 60 hours of storage. The Aavelin digital signage system allows users to create messages with a PC and schedule and play shows, as well as update content quickly.

MagicBox also plans to launch a Video Pass Through feature that will allow the Aavelin to work in conjunction with any of Adtec's digital video players.