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AccuWeather Managing Ad Buys With Harris OSi-Traffic

AccuWeather is using the OSi-Traffic broadcast system from Harris to manage traffic across its expanding network of more than 40 affiliated TV stations, the companies said.

AccuWeather began using the application earlier this year, leveraging its scalability as the network grew from 27 to more than 40 affiliate television stations nationwide.

OSi-Traffic gives its users the ability to leverage a relational database that coordinates the demands of multiple stations, with multiple channels, operating in a consolidated environment. The scalability of the OSi-Traffic centralized database allowed AccuWeather to add multiple remote channels without any hardware installation, the companies said.

“Harris OSi was the clear solution, due to our multichannel capabilities and the need to easily add new channels as our business grows,” said Steven Smith, CIO of AccuWeather.

AccuWeather sells national advertising time across all of its affiliated weather channels. All traffic, reporting and invoicing across the AccuWeather network is managed from the OSi-Traffic centralized database at AccuWeather headquarters in State College, Pa.

When a national advertiser buys time on AccuWeather’s affiliate stations, OSi-Traffic enables AccuWeather to generate one invoice that includes all 40 stations, rather than having to generate 40 different invoices.