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AccuWeather debuts local 24-hour weather channel in North Carolina

WRAL in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and AccuWeather will offer its viewers a 24-hour-a-day local weather channel through AccuWeather’s Local Digital Weather.

Local Digital Weather is a first-of-its-kind programming system that allows local cable operators and broadcasters to expand their revenue by tapping the high demand for 24-hour-a-day, continuous local weather programming. The system includes continuous local avails that can feature text, graphics, audio, banners and full-motion video. Also, the system offers stations additional avails that either can be sold to outside advertisers to boost revenues or used to promote the station’s programming and their brand.

Through their digital multicast capability and Local Digital Weather, the WRAL can now offer viewers an easy, accurate and fast way to receive important weather information.

This weather information will include local and regional radar, current conditions, short-term forecast maps, a five-day local forecast, local almanac information, satellite imagery, and weather-related trivia. In addition, WRAL will offer two-minute video segments every 10 minutes to present viewers with both a familiar face and even more area weather details.

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