AccuWeather Acquires WeatherData

AccuWeather Inc., a commercial weather service based in State College, Penn., has purchased WeatherData Inc. The move will add advanced radar and mobile technology to AccuWeather's portfolio.

WeatherData specializes in weather-risk management consulting and state-of-the-art severe weather forecasting and services to utility, transportation, manufacturing, educational, and governmental clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The company said it holds significant patents for weather forecasting technology.

"WeatherData is a world leader in severe weather forecasting, so this acquisition brings important new technologies into the AccuWeather repertoire," said Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder and president of AccuWeather. "We expect to integrate these new capabilities into our AccuWeather offerings to deliver even stronger solutions that help keep people safe and help businesses protect their property, continuity and bottom line."

Key technologies now available to AccuWeather as a result of the WeatherData acquisition include SkyGuard, SelectWarn and Storm Hawk. SkyGuard is a comprehensive, enterprise system for weather risk management. SelectWarn is an advanced, on-air radar system, which delivers weather graphics and video to television stations. Storm Hawk is a hand-held GPS-based weather monitoring and forecasting device with moving-map GPS technology, delivered onto a personal digital assistant.

WeatherData, founded in 1981, will continue to operate in Wichita as WeatherData Services Inc., and Founder Mike Smith will continue as CEO. WeatherData previously sold its Newspaper division to AccuWeather in 2002.