A Gear Guide for NAB 2013

LAS VEGAS – Each year starting in mid-January, we are inundated with a relentless tsunami-like avalanche of product announcements and press releases, which is to say, a lot. We do our best to decipher, pare down and present to you, the reader, useful information as you pack your bags for yet another convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. “A Gear Guide for NAB 2013” is a consolidated list of the announcements we have thus far screened and published, comprising roughly 1,000 products being shown by nearly 300 companies listed in alphabetical order. It is by no means comprehensive, but meant simply as another resource. Links to listings by categories are included at the end. An interactive map of the NAB Show floor is available here. Live long and prosper. - McAdams

ABE Elettronica will show its the “RXS” Series DVB-S/S2 multistream receiver with support for multiple modulation schemes and up to six transport stream outputs, and its EMX series MPEG-2/4 SD/HD encoders, available in a single rack drawer. Applications include terrestrial and satellite, Webcasting, and IP streaming.

Abekas has updated its Mira production server to 4K which can create 1080p files for playback on four 3G HD/SDI outputs.

Acoustical Solutions is introducing a range of products, including AcoustiArt sound absorbing wall panels, Whisperwave acoustical clouds, Sonex acoustical foam, AudioSeal sound barrier, and AlphaSorb barrier wall panels.

Actus Digital will display Actus Clip Factory, which repurposes broadcast media in full HD quality.

Adtec Digital will mark the NAB debut of its EN-91P 1080p encoder, an ultra-low delay 1080p MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD encoder. Paired with Adtec’s RD-70 IRD, it delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 ms. Also at the booth, the RD-70 1080P receiver, a multi-codec ultra-low, low- and normal-delay MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD IRD.

Advanced Fiber Products will introduce a normal-through optical switch module, a new line of Pro AV fiber extenders, a tamper-proof Secure SC fiber connector, the RunGear VIA multisignal fiber-optic distance extender with intercom, video media converter, and distribution amplifier, and a bidirectional fiber-to-copper and copper-to-fiber media converter.

AEQ will debut Systel IP, a talk show and multi-conference system built around a digital router using lines from IP telephony systems.

Aframe will showcase Aframe 2.0, which enables export of metadata out of Aframe and into Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

AJA Video Systems will bring the AJA Kumo 3232, a 32x32 SDI, 2 RU router, and show the Ki Pro Quad, which can capture edit-ready files in 4K, 2K quad HD and HD. The 1 RU Ki Pro Rack will also be on display.

AmberFin will introduce new enterprise-class features for iCR, including the integration of Softel’s Swift vTX with AmberFin’s iCR; and demonstrate how new modules for its iCR address workflow requirements that include ingest and transcoding to MXF AS11 and metadata support for the Digital Production Partnership, as well as other industry standard formats.

Anton/Bauer will introduce its Dionic HD battery pack designed with the Sony F65, RED cameras, Arri Alexa and Vision Research Phantom in mind. The Power Charger 3000 Series features simultaneous fast charging, expanded communications, and upgrading via Wi-Fi or USB. The 12-channel AB-HDRF RF system that transmits multiple cameras to one receive site.

AP will roll out v7.0 of its ENPS system, now with an updated UI.

Apantac will launch its new Tahoma IP Multiviewer, the latest addition to Tahoma Universal input Multiviewer platform that accepts DVI, VGA, YPbPr, YC, composite, HDMI and SD-SDI/HD-SDI inputs for multi-image display.

AppearTVwill showcase its multiscreen, OTT module that prepares signals distribution to HDTV, computer screen, Web and mobile devices.

Arri will unveil its Alexa XT cameras with new features inspired by feedback from professional users. The Alexa XT, Alexa XT M, Alexa XT Plus and Alexa XT studio cameras will replace all previous models except for the original Alexa, which is getting a software upgrade.

Artel Video Systemswill introduce the HD-SDI video-over-IP gateway that packetizes video according to the SMPTE 2022-6 encapsulation standard.

Ateme will showcase its Kyrion CM5000 encoder, a modular contribution MPEG-2/4 encoder, featuring high bit-rate support and built-in video monitor, as well as the companion Kyrion DR5000 decoder.

Atto Technology will showcase its ThunderLink and ThunderStream devices, which enable storage and network connectivity for SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel and Ethernet devices.

Audio Video Technologies will showcase its Magic THipPro, a POTS, ISDN or VoIP telephone hybrid talk show system that can handle as many as 16 callers from up to 20 workplaces with resources shared between six studios.

Audio-Technica’s AT5040 hand-built side-address cardioid condenser mic combines four ultra-thin rectangular diaphragms for a surface area unachievable in a standard round diaphragm. The new AT2020USB+ adds a USB output for multitrack music production, voiceover, and podcasting and offers zero-latency monitoring.

Autocue/QTV will mark the NAB debut of Production Suite, a studio and channel-in-a-box from $29,999. It also plans to highlight its two- and four-port SD and HD video servers, including the high-capacity fourport VS-4D16HFR.

Autodesk will showcase Smoke 2013 NLE with a new intuitive user interface, Connect FX for node-based compositing inside the timeline, a toolset for high-end finishing.

Autoscript will introduce E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre), an all-in-one prompter display.

Aveco will feature its Astra Studio 2 automation for news and studio production.

Avid will debut Interplay MAM Active Archive and Interplay Production 3.0, which adds new capability for multi-camera projects, and its latest version of Avid Motion Graphics.

AVP MFG & Supply is bringing the Saber media converter, hybrid fiber- optic breakout modules, which feature two single-mode fiber-optic contacts, two low-voltage contacts and two auxiliary 600 V AC electrical contacts.

axle Pro will roll out its media management software, which now includes support for Avid workflows.

Azden Corp. has the DW-1000, a four-channel full duplex digital wireless IFB comprising base station, four beltpack tranceivers, and four headsets.

Baron Services will unveil an interactive weather app for iOS and Android platforms. VIPIR Touchscreen brings all of the company’s VIPIR technology to the touchscreen.

BHV Broadcast has updated its Video Ghost, which now provides 65 Watts of power at 12 Volts for camera headends and remote monitors using existing serial digital video coaxial cable.

Bitcentral will highlight CORE:news, a production suite that enables seamless story production from original conception to final archiving.

Bittree will show updated patch panels that address the need to accommodate fiber-optic, Ethernet, other data-related cabling.

Blackmagic Design is expected to demo v.1.2 software for its Backmagic Cinema Camera. It’s also introducing a v3.2 software update to add audio mixing its ATEM 1 M/E and ATEM TV, Studio switchers. It will demo its UltraStudio Mini monitor and recorder portable capture and playback devices, and the UltraStudio 4K. Mini Converter gear will be on display, as well as the DeckLink 4K Extreme PCI Express capture card, now with 4K playback; and theVideohub Master Control, a router control panel that allows spin-knob scrolling of all router sources and destinations, as well as direct button entry of any router crosspoint.

BLT Italia will show the SMS-4U 8R4P, a 12-channel HD broadcast video server with simultaneous recording and playback capability; and the SMS-2U 4R2P, a compact six-channel server.

Boland will bring their LED broadcast monitors, ranging from 9- to 72-inches and offering color accuracy that’s pre-calibrated at the factory to SMPTE specs.

Boxx TV will debut its new 26-Volt camera battery for high-current cameras, and will demonstrate a new transmitter and receiver for airborne filming.

Brainstormwill debut Aston 3D real-time graphics.

Bridge Technologies will show the first full implementation of its end-to-end monitoring for OTT services, with data analysis from ingest to viewing device.

Bright Technologies will demo its BrightClip SAN server as well as a standalone version—the BrightClip SA— and BrightDrive Procyon and BrightDrive Triton.

Broadcast Devices will show its RF Dashboard Global Monitor software and its AES-400 digital audio switcher.

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), will debut BIMvid Live, an HTTP live streaming service that automates conversion of broadcast closed captions for live streams.

Broadcast Pixwill debut the Flint cloud-based live production and streaming system and the latest version of its Video Control Center.

Broadpeak will unfold the umbrellaCDN, allowing content providers to allocate CDN for their content according to various criteria. Also at the show, Conditional Access System Compliant Adaptive Streaming, technology that enables pay-TV operators to support adaptive streaming protocols.

BroaMan’s new Repeat series consists of plug-and-play devices that convert two to 24 of channels 3G/HD/SD-SDI (or MADI) signals from coaxial cables to fiber and back in 1 RU.

BSI is bringing its Real Freedom wireless camera link and family of components that support 1080p/60 operation along with 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling, H.264 encoding and DVBT2 modulation.

BTX Technologies’ pro plates and panels offer customization of wall plates in sizes up to 10 RU. The 2G+ Just Add Power HD-SDI over IP transmitter helps feed HDMI audio to centralized amplifiers.

BUF Technology will be on hand with Sport-HD, a dual-channel replay system consisting of a Sport-EX control panel and an RM-HD hard disk replay recorder, as well as the single-channel Sport-HD.

Cache-A will debut its LTO-6 archiving appliance, and displayPrime-Cache6, Pro-Cache6 and Power-Cache6 will be on display.

Calrec has added Automixer, an automatic mixing function, to its Bluefin2 signal-processing engine.

Camera Corps will demonstrate its new RF Q-Ball, a wireless remote camera system.

Canon will bring two single-sensor camcorders, the XA20 and XA25, and a number of cinema 4K/HD primes and zooms for Canon Cinema EOS cameras, and broadcast HD lenses for ENG, EFP, sports, and studio productions.

Cartoni will present its Magnum fluid head designed to support fully decked studio and ENG cameras with long boxed lenses, 7-inch viewfinders or large prompters.

Ceiton Technologies will unveil its Resource Scheduling system, a Web-based scheduler that enables users to book projects, shifts, jobs, teams, rooms, trucks, equipment and more.

Census Digital will show its C161A, which provides visual and aural monitoring of up to 16 audio channels from an SDI signal in 1 RU.

Chyron will debut ChyronIP, a real-time HD/SD 2D and 3D character and graphics system designed for the NewTek TriCaster.

Clear-Com will unveil v1.1 of its HelixNet digital network partyline intercom system, which offers the advanced network management capabilities of a matrix intercom.

Coaxial Dynamics will feature RF Wattmeters and termination loads for both analog and digital applications. One example is the 81000 series of Wattmeters, which uses transmission line probes to measure forward and reverse power.

Cobalt Digital will bring a new series of terminal gear cards, including the DCDA downconverter/distribution amplifier, and the DCDA-3G and DCDA-3G2 dual down converters with 3G, frame sync and AES outputs. Also at the show, Blue Box Group fiber units and a range of throw-down modular bricks, plus Fusion3G cards that offer Dolby Digital Plus with simultaneous 5.1 and 2.0.

Cobham will preview their new Solo Micro HD transmitter, a matchbox-sized unit that features 15 ms latency and Cobham’s ultra mobile video link modulation. Also launching is the company’s new HD MPEG-4 IP.

Communications Specialties will be demonstrating the battery-operated Fiberlink SDI Beamer and Fiberlink 3380, offering 3G/HD/SD-SDI and four channels of analog audio, and other Fiberlink products, including the Fiberlink 32x32 fiber-optic matrix/router.

Comrex will showcase their LiveShot two-piece system with a camera-mounted transmitter and rack-mountable 19-inch receiver, using an Anton/ Bauer-style camera battery mount, H.264 HD encoding, and transmission via Ethernet and Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connections

Crispin will demonstrate its master control automation, which includes DeviceServer and EventServer. Systems can be configured to handle up to 100 independent channels on a single system.

Crystal Vision will showcase its ViVid 3G variable video delays, along with the Synner 310, a video synchronizer, tracking audio delay and embedder/deembedder for 3 Gbps, HD and SD. Also in their booth, the Tandem 310, a combined embedder and de-embedder for 3 Gbps, HD and SD sources.

Dalet will showcase its new Galaxy MAM system that includes an industry-standard BPM workflow engine, ad well as demo its Dalet News Suite on Dalet’s Galaxy Platform as well as the Dalet One Cut Video Editor.

DAWNco also will show the DAWNflex signal cable for satellite downlink, compatible with signals up to 3 Ghz, including satellite L-band.

DAWNco will display their D5502 satellite receiver decoder for MPEG-2/4, DVBS, DVBS2, SD/HD operation, along with the latest in LNB offerings.

DaySequerra’s iLM8 simultaneously measures loudness for 5.1 surround and auxiliary stereo inputs using the ITU-R BS.1770/1 algorithm, while its MultiMerge2 upmixes stereo or encoded stereo content to 5.1 using the DTS Neural Surround Up- Mix process, also generating an LtRt output.

Decimator Design will showcase its up/down/cross converters, multiviewers, audio monitoring gear and test pattern generators, including the MdCross, a portable converter that features 54 test patterns.

Dejero will debut its Live+ Mobile App for Android, which enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit live HD or SD video from select Android phones; and its Live+ Vset, a vehicle-mount version of the company’s Live+ 20/20 transmitter.

Deluxe MediaCloud will showcase its cloud service for media and entertainment.

Digital Alert Systems will be showcasing its DASDEC-II Emergency Messaging Platform for emergency alert and CAP management in a fully integrated package.

Digital Anarchy will release v3.0 of Beauty Box Video for applying “Digital Makeup” and automatically retouching video.

Digital Broadcast will show a new streamlined GUI for its NewsBank automated news system, and an expanded version of its MediaVault archive, which offers blue laser, LTO tape or spinning disk technology for mass storage of broadcast media.

Digital Nirvana will highlight its flagship Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring system, MediaPro content repurposing system, and repeat audio detection systems (RADS) for song tracking and ad tracking.

Digital Rapids will highlight Transcode Manager 2.0 powered by Kayak, high-volume, file-based media processing, the new StreamZ Live 8000EX integrated multiscreen and broadcast live encoder, and the StreamZHD multiformat, live and file-based encoding system.

DK-Technologies will show its PT0760M waveform monitor, which can display up to four simultaneous waveforms on a single screen.

DNF Controls will show its newest RS-422 systems, including the one-input/eight-output SW1X8, as well as VTR/DDR control options such as the ST60.

DPA Microphones’ new d:facto II vocal microphone handles extreme SPL handling and offers seamless integration with many professional wireless systems.

DSI RF Systems will demo their NewsShark line of TV and radio products for transmitting over cellular and Wi-Fi systems.

DVEO brings Xaris, a single- or dual-channel HD/SDI play-out server that supports H.264/MPEG-2 and embedded audio pass-through. The True Check IP analyzer verifies the quality of MPEG- 2/H.264 audio and video services over IP network and the MPEG Magnus, featuring 40 streams.

EditShare is showing v6.3 of its storage platform with project browser compatibility for Adobe Premiere Pro in Windows, and the ability to limit access to a single user at a time.

Editware will bring the new DiVA, an entry-level system with many of the features of Fastrack, and the Fastrack Time Tailor Controller.

EEG will roll out its new1260 iCap Proxy, which transforms any CC encoder into an iCap encoder, the iCap Video real-time IP captioning system, and the complete Streaming Caption Toolkit. The company will also showcase the HD490 digital closed captioning and HD VANC encoding solution.

Elemental Technologies will demo the Elemental Server, a file-based video processing system designed for transcoding for both broadcast and multichannel video applications.

Emotion Systems will launch the eVe (Emotion Video Engine), a file-based media toolbox comprised of a media analyzer, player, and XML export tool.

Enco Systems will debut en-Caption3, its latest generation automated captioning utility.

Enco’sDADv13 runs on a PC embedded directly inside an audio routing engine without a separate workstation or sound card and adds new features including an improved GUI.

Ensemble Designs will show off new high-resolution support for its line of BrightEye Mitto high-performance scan converters.

Envivio will mark the NAB debut of its Muse Live, which compresses live SD or HDTV signals to any format and resolution while maintaining proper video quality.

Ericsson will mark the NAB debut of its SVP 5500 HEVC encoder, and will showcase their AVP 3000 Voyager and RX 8200 receiver content acquisition tools with support for multiple codecs and 4K acquisition.

ESE will highlight its HD-455/SD/1, an HD/SD timecode reader/video inserter, and the HD-491/SD, an HD/SD SDI timecode decoder/generator that accepts an SDI signal. Also on parade, the DV-228 1 x 8 SDI digital video distribution amplifier (3G/HD/SD) with a loop-through input.

Etere will highlight its Media Enterprise Resource Planning platform, which connects and manages a company’s complete media lifecycle.

Eurotek will display the Eurotek Head Hend encoder/decoder, which supports up to six boards and can handle formats such as SDI, Analog, HD/SD, AES-EBU.

Evertz brings small video routers, as well as enterprise class video routers, such as the EMR Video, a high-density modular video routing system that handles 3G, HD/SD and ASI. The company will show the 3025EMC, a 3G and HD/SD master control switcher and channel branding platform, alongside the company’s mini switcher package and its Mediator content management and workflow platform.

EVS will be on hand with its XT-3 8-channel SD/HD server, its XT Nano HD/SD slow-motion replay server, and MediArchive Director.

Eyeheightwill debut its new video legalizer.

Facilis Technology will show off an archive sync solution called Sync- Block designed to help archive, backup, sync, mirror and transport file-based media. The company will also bring the TerraBlock, including the latest version that supports 16 Gbps Fibre Channel and 10 GB Ethernet connectivity.

Fast Forward Video plans to show recording solutions like the camera- mountable sideKick HD and sideKick HD Studio.

Fischer Connectors will unveil new fiber-optic connectors designed to go everywhere without signal degradation. The company will also demo the Fischer MiniMax, a push-pull interconnect system for today’s smaller devices.

Flanders Scientific will show an entirely revamped monitor product line that features performance and capability improvements including advanced custom LUT import capabilities.

Florical will be on hand to demonstrate its AirBoss automation system with SCTE-104 capabilities for seamless ad insertion.

For-A will be exploring the 4K arena with the HVS-XT100/120, a 3G/4K-compatible video production switcher with 1 M/E. Also in the company’s booth: the FT-One camera, which captures at up to 900 fps in full 4K. For-A will also demo its FA-9520 video processor and show its MediaConcierge media management system that supports MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264. The LTS-50 LTO server will also be on hand.

Forecast Consoles will display the MasterVision console, a new addition to the company’s MasteRail product line.

Frezzi Energy Systems will showcase its large line of Lithium Ion battery packs, its Frezzi HyLight HPSS Light Kits with switchable high-power solid state LED module chip technology; the Hybrid Mini-Fill fixture, and the Frezzi SkyLight High Output Solid State Luminaire.

Front Porch Digital will introduce V7.1 of its DIVArchive content storage management system, now including AXF Explorer for parsing AXF objects using a drag-and-drop GUI similar to the Windows operating system.

Frontline Communications will show its SNV NT-7 vehicle with a custom all-aluminum modular body, with 7 RU of equipment space.

Fujinon will introduce a new member of the company’s Premier PL digital cinematography family, the PL 85-300.

Fujitsu will bring their IP encoders, including a new firmware release that improves end-to-end latency for its IP-9610, IP-900, and IP-920 HD/SD H.264 video encoders/decoders.

Gefen Pro AV Group, which now includes Megenta Research and TVOne, will roll out its 3G SDI audio embedder/de-embedder, along with the GefenPRO 3G SDI scalers. The Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD Splitters also will be displayed along with the 32x32 Modular Matrix, which can route 32 mixed sources to 32 outputs at resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200.

Gepco/General Cable will display their VDM230LT ultra-lightweight, HD miniature coax, along with the Gepco Panel Designer and Gepco Mobile Web Reference.

Canare will showcase its new LF- 2SM7T Tufcal Cable and L-2.5CHLT Lightweight low-loss coax cable, as well as its new line of active BNC connectors.

Glensound’s TopHAT M3 is a portable headphone mixer with multiple headphone outputs for monitoring in OB environments and also includes a switched talkback mic input.

Glidecam Industries will introduce the Vista Track series of camera sliders and the VistaTrack 200-48, a linear track and dolly system designed for cameras up to 200 pounds.

Gorman-Redlich will demo the CAP-DEC 1, CAP-to-EAS converter. The unit meets or exceeds all applicable specifications and helps broadcasters meet the CAP requirements using their current EAS equipment. The unit features the logging of EAS alerts in electronic format.

Grass Valley will mark the NAB debut of its LDX line of its Xensium-FT-based camera systems. Storage and file management products, including the K2 TX/MAM with a central database will be displayed along with the latest version of the Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G server, Edius Elite editing, the GV Director as well as the newest features for the Karrera Video Production Center.

Group One Ltd. will introduce DiGiCo’s SD9B software upgrade, which adds 5.1 capabilities to the standard SD9 “live” system, accommodating smaller sports and events OB trucks.

Guntermann & Drunck GmbH will be showcasing their ControlCenter Digital modular switching system..

Haivision will debut its Makito X H.264 encoding platform with dual-channel HD encoding, as well as Makito X2, which delivers twice the quality at half the bandwidth. Makito X2 features 55 ms of encoding latency, an extensive feature set, and the ability to deliver multiple bitrates from each source.

Hamlet will feature its VidScope monitoring software, now bundled with the StreamLabs MH2B capture card.

Harmonic comes to NAB to show off server solutions including the Spectrum and Spectrum MediaCenter family of servers.

Harris brings Nexio Volt, the RU server with four bidirectional HD channels; its Invenio Motion intelligent media movement module for asset management; the Versio 1 RU channel-in-a-box; the HView SX Pro multiviewer; the Selenio Networking Module; and the Inscriber G8 and TitleOne editing systems. It will also offer its SFP6800+ fiber module that supports up to 60 channels of fiber-optic transport in a 2 RU design, and its new Platinum IP3 integrated routing system that accommodates separate video, audio and data signals within the same frame.

Harris/Videotek will introduce the VSG-4TSG test signal generator designed to confirm video and audio integrity through 3 Gbps HD/SD..

Henry Engineering’s Sports Pod is an announcer’s mic/headphone controller with duplex intercom.

Hi Tech Systems will show the AViTA family of production tools, which can record, review, edit and replay up to 16 camera channels.

Hitachi will introduce the SK-HD2200 full-body HD production camera with 1,100-line resolution and 3 Gbps signal handling from end-to-end. It also brings the Z-HD6000 CMOS studio camera, SK-HD1500 slo-mo HD camera, HV-HD33 compact 3-MOS sensor POV HD camera, SK-HD1200 studio/EFP camera, SK-HD1000 dockable camera, and the Z-HD5000 studio and field camera.

I-Movix will present its X10 Real-Time Continuous Ultra-Motion system, which delivers a continuous real-time output of up to 250 fps at native HD resolution and image quality. Also showing is the X10+ Real Time Continuous Ultra-Motion System, which operates in an extreme slow-motion mode with frame rates up to 2,600 at 1080i50 or up to 5,600 fps at 720p60. The company will also demo its new real-time automatic deflickering solution designed for SprintCam Vvs HD and X10 systems.

IDX will debut new V-Mounts with cheese plates, including the EOS-CP(A) Canon C100/300/500 Adaptor kit and the BCC-CP(A) adaptor kit for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

IHSE USA, LLC will highlight the Draco Extender Compact for HD transmission of DVI/HDMI signals with resolutions up to 1080p60.

ikan Corp. will debut its ID508 3 Point LED Lighting Kit, its O-Fly Shoulder Rig for shooting using a DSLR’s LCD display, and the PT Elite|Elite iPad teleprompter kit designed to turn an iPad into a field-ready prompter system.

Ikegami will showcase its HDK-97A 16-bit portable HD companion-camera that supports 1080i/720p and 3Gbps signals. Also showing will be the HDK-97C with 2.5 megapixel 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors; the HDK-55 Unicam HD camera with 1080i 2.3 megapixel AIT CCDs; and the HDK-77EC2 HD native multiformat camera system. Ikegami also will bring an advanced range of HD flat panel LCD monitors, including the 50 Series “high-class” displays and 04 Series.

Independent Audio will introduce Cedar DNS 8 Live, which offers eight simultaneous channels of dialog noise suppression for live applications.

ineo Lighting will be at the show with a new compact ballast for its TruColor HS, TruColor Foton, along with a small, portable Remote Phosphor softlight.

IneoQuest will spotlight its iVMS 5 intelligent video management system, a scalable, end-to-end monitor that pinpoints faults in video networks.

Integrated Microwave Technologies will demo their Nucomm Connect Live COFDM and multi- 4G/LTE live video HD transmitter, along with their RF Central microLite HD receiver, and Nucomm Newscoder Rx4. Also on display will be the Connect Live aggregation server that incorporates multiple IP streams back into a single stream.

JK Audio is introducing RemoteMix 2, a two-channel field mixer/headphone amplifier that includes a communications interface for remote broadcast, IFB, or backup audio paths.

Junger Audio’s new M*AP combines quality control and loudness monitoring functionality, plus a Dolby production toolset.

JVC will spotlight its GY-HM650 ProHD camera with a recent firmware update that adds support for Verizon 4G LTE modems connecting directly to the camera via USB to deliver HD footage to a broadcast facility.

K-Tek will showcase its Norbert frame, a mounting system for DSLR and compact HD video cameras.

K5600 will demo its Joker Bug line as well as its Alpha 1600.

KAE Corp. will show their line of pull-out racks for Macs and PCs,VTRs LCD monitors.

Kino Flo will demo its Celeb 200 DMX with remote DMX control and a new line of Tegra 4Bank DMX fixtures.

Lawo North America will highlight the V__pro8 for cross-format conversion and color correction as well as embedding and de-embedding, and its mc²56 mixing console.

Leader Instruments will unveil the LV5307, a compact seven-inch monitor/rasterizer with internal cross-conversion from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI to HDMI and vice versa. Also new: the LV5837 audio and loudness signal monitor, LV7770 rasterizing signal analyzer, and the LV5980 17-inch screen SDI waveform monitor.

Lemo will demonstrate the 3K.93C HDTV connectors.

Levels Beyond will demo Reach Engine, which enables secure and seamless streamlining of complex workflows around video creation, library management, packaging and distribution.

Libec will launch its RSPLUS, a brand new tripod and pedestal system with 100 mm ball head RHP75/85, and a payload range of up to 55 pounds. Libec will also introduce its LX10 100 mm ball tripod a successor of the company’s LS-60/-70 systems.

Linear Acoustic will demo its handheld DM-2000 Bitstream Analyzer to monitor and generate Dolby Digital/ Plus/E, HE-AAC, MPEG I L II, and PCM bitstreams; its Aero.2000 Audio Loudness Manager and the Aero.1000 and LQ-1 Loudness Meter.

Litepanels will highlight its Sola 12 and Inca 12 LED Fresnel fixtures, and the new 1x1 LS Bi-Color Lighting Fixture. Litepanels will demo its daylight balanced, on-camera LED Luma powered by 6 AA batteries, or professional batteries via D-Tap.

Livestream will launch three new switchers and a control surface.

LiveU will show its LU40-S handheld uplink device with proprietary internal antenna, and its LU-Smart mobile app devices, LU-Lite laptop video uplink device, LiveU Xtender external antenna, and LiveU Total Platform.

Logitek Electronic Systems’ AE-IP card turns the AE-32 Audio Engine platform into an AoIP node and mixer handling up to 128x128 I/Os in a single box, and its updated Mosaic control surface offers easier access to the new features. The Logitek vMix+ combines multiple Logitek virtual clients into a single platform.

Lowel-Light will show its Lowel Prime LED 800, the largest in the Lowel Prime family. The fixture is available in hi- CRI dedicated daylight and tungsten color models, with wide 50 degree beam angles. Also new from Lowel is the Blender 3 Light Kit, featuring Lowel’s compact and powerful Blender LED that blends daylight and tungsten color

Lynx Technikwill launch AutoControl for the Appolo control system and yelloGUI.

Manzanita Systems will be on hand to discuss its Transport Stream Analyzer, which can be used to verify compliance with MPEG, ATSC and DVB specifications.

Marquiswill demonstrate Project Parking v3.0 for Avid storage management.

Marshall Electronics will debut its V-R902-DLW Dual 9-inch (1,280x768) display monitor the latest addition in its line of In-Monitor Display monitors.

Masstech will feature Emerald, which allows journalists to archive, search, find, preview and restore content directly from within their familiar NCS interface.

Matrox is offering the Matrox Micro- Quad, a four-channel SDI-to-HDMI multiviewer for 3G/HD/SD. It will also show the Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI scan converter, and the MXO2 LE MAX designed for leading editing apps.

Matthews Studio Equipment will introduce its Lite Intel A jib, a smaller version of the company’s Intel A jib; the the Extreme Pod and the Malaku pan-and-tilt head with proprietary software for motion-control applications when mounted to the Floatcam HDDC slider.

MediaPower will launch AirGo multichannel playout that provides production, ingest and play-to-air functionalities in a single 2RU ready-to-go box.

MediaSilo will debut an iOS app that provides iPad users with access to their media assets from anywhere.

Merging Technologies will showcase v4.0 of the Ovation media server and sequencer; MXFix a file-based 24-channel loudness platform; and Pyramix v8.0, which natively supports Ravenna Audio over IP for use with its DSP-based system.

Miller Camera Support will premier its Skyline 70 fluid head with150 mm ball leveling support for lighter weight sports. Also new is the Compass 12 Solo two-stage tripod system, designed for videographers using DSLR and lightweight DV cameras.

Minnetonka Audio’s flagship AudioTools Server (ATS) 2.5 features major enhancements enabling the automation of sophisticated audio tasks in file-based workflows.

Miranda Technologies will debut the iTX Render Service for Adobe After Effects CS6 software. It also will offer up a new frame sync input card for the Nvision 8500 series of hybrid routers and a new, high-density, streaming media encoder for the Densite modular line, the SME-1901.

MiraVid will highlight its TeleSight mutiviewer/analyzer that can test up to 256 channels for conformance, loss of video/audio and freeze frames.

Mirror Image will debut its new IP-10 tablet teleprompter, the PB-15 “Price Buster,” and a new line of outdoor capable podium/speech prompters.

Mosart Medialab ASwill highlight Newscast Automation v3.4, with support for six camera robotics systems, simultaneous usage of gear from camera robotic vendors.

MultiDynewill highlight 4K-4000 fiber-optic transport with Silverback II, and showcase the HD-18000 CWDM multiplexer, which enables users to transport up to 18 HD-SDI signals per single-mode fiber.

Myers will focus on ProTrack TV, a broadcast management solution that interconnects a facility’s traffic, scheduling, sales, engineering and IT departments.

Nativ will launch Mio v5.0, a MAM and workflow platform with built-in social collaboration and browser-based editing.

Net Insight will introduce the Nimbra VA 210 video appliance which improves quality of service over unmanaged IP first-mile connections.

Netia will showcase the latest version of its media asset management platform, which allows users to manage all processes within the global production environment from editing through post and distribution.

never.no will demonstrate Sync, a unique toolkit for syncing ad content and creating robust two-way engagement between first and second screens.

Nevion will showcase its Flashlink live media networking system with 10 Gbps uncompressed video transport.

Nevion/T-Vips will showcase the latest developments to its nSure product line that features monitoring solutions for transport streams, RF signals and SDI signals.

NewTek will showcase TriCaster live production systems, along with its 3Play slow-motion instant replay solutions. Show attendees will be able to see demonstrations of how the ChyronIP 3D graphics generator works with the TriCaster systems.

Nexidia will demo Nexidia QC, an automated closed caption and video description application that ensures compliance, caption alignment, and language identification for broadcast and IP distribution.

Nuage, a collaboration between Yamaha and Steinberg, is a hardware/ software system offering up to 128 channels with Dante audio networking, software-based Nuendo DAW, and Yamaha control surface comprising fader and main control units.

Nugen Audio will debut standalone LM-Correct, now available as a file-based program; and ISL inter-sample true-peak limiter is designed for the control of peak levels in audio signals from mono to 5.1 via a true brick-wall solution.

NVerzion will introduce NGuide, a new tool designed to ensure the integrity of electronic programming guide information. It also will demonstrate its Component Level Automation System Solutions, a flexible, scalable automation system.

Nvidia GPUs are going to be shown powering Elemental Technologies’ new next generation platform for delivering rich video content on demand to a variety of devices.

OConnor will debut its 60L carbon fiber tripod, designed to support the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. OConnor will also showcase its 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads offering seamless transition from heavier to lighter payload camera setups, such as RED Scarlet, Blackmagic Design, Canon C300/C500 and Sony F5 models. Also on deck—its Universal Rings for O-Box WM wide-angle matte box and the O-Focus Dual Mini Lens controls, a professional follow-focus system available in two versions.

Omnirax will show their Phoenix broadcast furniture line, built with the same materials and construction techniques as the company’s Innova line, but with a significantly lower price point.

Opticomm Emcore will introduce the OTP-1DVI2A1UKM, the newest member of the company’s Optiva family of video, audio and data transmission products.

Optocore will highlight its MADI series high-channel capacity devices, along with its range of networked devices for operation on fiber and CAT-5 infrastructures.

Orad Hi-Tec Systems is showing iFind, a browser-based media management product that gives users the ability to manage servers, graphics and archive systems. The company also will showcase it VJ production server, its Blend play-out device, PowerPlay sport-production solution, PlayMaker next-generation sports replay server, and the MPV sports highlight clip server. It will also bring new graphics MAM support and its TD Control system.

PAG will introduce its new battery mounts and power leads that make it possible to power the latest DSLR and digital cinema cameras via its PAGlink V-Mount Li- Ion Batteries.

Panasonic will showcase two integrated PTZ models, the AW-HE60H with HDMI and component outputs, and the AW-HE60S with HD/SDSDI and component outputs plus genlock. Both have IP live video monitoring for remote preview and control, and a night mode.

Pebble Beach Systems will launch its Stingray channel-in-a-box up to 100 channels.

PESA will have its Vidblox 2K extenders, which now support dual-link video formats up to 2,560 x 1,600 at 60 Hz. The company will also demo its easyPort HDMI, Easy-4BX2H, a BNC-to-mini-HDMI unit, and the Ease-4FX2H, which supports single-mode fiber-to-mini HDMI applications.

Petrol Bags will introduce the Deca Air-Flow camera backpack designed for small cameras and also provides pace for a 17-inch laptop computers and other accessories.

Phabrix will debut enhancements to its Rx 2000 rasterizer that lets the unit “borrow” instruments from the rasterizer output to be displayed on the two in-built TFT screens..

Photon Beard will highlight a new fluorescent lighting panel that includes eight 5/8-inch diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver broadcast-quality illumination using Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors.

Pilat Media will unveil enhancements to IBMS Omnicast, its business management platform for VOD, OTT and catch-up TV.

Pixel Power will spotlight Gallium, which provides automated control of Pixel Power’s transmission devices for graphics and channel playout, including the company’s ChannelMaster, and the newest BrandMaster master control switcher.

Pixelmetrix will display its Pelican video encoder that’s smaller than a 3.5-inch hard drive, and upgrades to its OTT Media Grinder, a system that simulates thousands of OTT clients with multiple user-defined behaviors.

Plura will highlight their SFP-232-3G 32-inch 1,920 x1,080 precision broadcast LCD series. Units support up to 3 Gbps, 1080/60P video, along with all other digital and analog inputs and formats. The SFP- 3G series can convert a SD/HD/3G input to an HDMI output.

Primestream will show Fork Logger, a new cross-platform module for the Fork Production Suite 3.5..

Proconsultant Informatique will highlight Louise for program management and Cindy for sales and ads.

Promax Electronics will spotlight its new HD Ranger+ universal analyzer for DVB-T2, DVB-C2, DVB-S2, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

Quantel will show off V2.0 software for Pablo Rio, taking the leap to 64-bit performance and interactivity.

Quantum is the Lattus- M, a disk-based storage solution for digital content archives that serves as a secondary storage option that can scale from 500 TB to hundreds of petabytes.

Riedel Communications will unveil the MediorNet MN-GV-2 interface card which allows users to network Grass Valley 3G camera systems—including the LDK and the brand-new LDX series and their base stations—via the MediorNet fiber infrastructure. It will also have the RockNet RN.334.MD MADI interface, which integrates SSL mixing consoles into the network.

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce the PR100 portable receiver, designed for interference hunting and field monitoring applications.

Roland Systems Group will introduce the V-4EX video mixer, and demoing its V-800 HD multiformat switcher.

Ross Video will demonstrate the integration of its Furio and CamBot robotic systems into a combination virtual and hard set that’s automated using Ross’ OverDrive; and have for review v6.0 of its OpenGear DashBoard. Ross also will have the BlackStorm play-out server as part of a full studio system demo with companion switchers and graphics; and new enhancements for the OverDrive news production system; and XPression v5 for real-time graphics with a new FX engine.

RTS Adam Omneo interface cards transform the company’s Adam intercom system into a flexible, IP-based, AVBcompatible intercom network incorporating OCA control.

Rushworks will demonstrate its A-List Broadcast affordable automation system, available in SD and HD.

Sachtler will demo its artemis Camera Stabilizer systems, with features such as HiCap cabling and hot swap capability; and the Ace L tripod system, which accepts payloads up to 13.2 pounds, and the ENG 75/2 D HD, designed for payloads up to 77 pounds.

ScheduALL will roll out ScheduALL 5, the company’s latest version of its enterprise resource management software.

Schneider Optics will debut its New Century 1.4X Mk II and 2.0X Mk II PL to PL Tele-Extenders designed for PL mount single-sensor cameras and lenses. It will also introduce the Arri Alexa Filter System and the Blue Streak.

Screen Service Broadcasting will display their Omni-Link RadioLink 1024-QAM unit for fixed or mobile applications, with quasi non-line-of-sight and COFDM modulation; and their ENC333A encoder, which encodes SD/HD formats in MPEG-2 and H.264.

Sencore will show its range of test equipment, including the CMA 1820 compressed media analyzer.

Sencore will show their MRD 5800 receiver/decoder that supports H.264, MPEG-2, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, and 8-/10-bit decoding; VOD and transport stream servers, including the TSS 3530A; and the TXS 8600 transcoder.

Sennheiser will showcase its Digital 9000 system, which includes the EM 9046 (housing up to eight receivers), SKM 9000 handheld and SK 9000 bodypack transmitters, and offers HD and long-range transmission modes.

SGL will unveil its Notification Service, which improves linear tape file system workflow and permits ingest of material directly into the archive. SGL will also show integrated FlashNet workflows in both the HP and EVS booths.

Shotoku will debut its ergonomically designed SX-300, pan/tilt fluid head, the SG-900 manual pan-and-tilt with a 198-pound payload capacity; and its SX-300VR virtual tracking EFP head and the TK-53LVRII/TK-53VRII VR dolly crane systems for virtual studio operation.

Shure will demo its FP wireless systems, which include a portable receiver and XLR plug-on transmitter.

Sierra Video’s Aspen line of HD/SDI routing switchers will share booth space with the company’s Shasta, Lassen and Ponderosa switchers.

Signiant will demonstrate new features for its Media Shuttle, including secure file sharing that allows media professionals to browse private file directories and securely upload and download files to the associated storage.

Simpler workflows, added security, wider compliance, mobile streaming.

SIS Live will introduce the PlexSIS fiber- optic system that provides transport of eight SDI (HD, 3G, SD) signals over a single optical fiber. Features include a compact 1RU chassis, automatic cable equalization, multirate reclocking with automatic rate detection, AC and DC power inputs, and SD, HD and 3G SDI support.

Skylark Technology will highlight the SL NEO 8000 multiviewer which allows users to create and save multiscreen configurations for the monitoring of multiple SDI or MPEG-TS over IP/ASI streams in master control, production, postproduction, Web streaming or other facilities.

Skylark Technology will offer its Neo 3000 channel-in-a-box.

Small Tree will showcase GraniteSTOR Titanium4, an Ethernet-based shared storage solution that offers four drives.

SmallHD will introduce their new DP7-Pro Series of on-camera monitors, featuring three display choices: OLED, high brightness and IPS LCDs.

Snell will demo Hyperion signal monitoring technology; highlight new features of the ICE channel-in-a-box with integrated 2D/3D graphics and CG; and show the KudosPro MC500, a low-cost signal processing platform that includes motion-compensated frame-rate conversion. Snell also will introduce the Luna series of 1 RU router control panels, and show the Kahuna 360 multiformat switcher with FormatFusion3 technology.

Softel will showcase Swift Create, subtitle and caption creation and repurposing workstation, along with Swift TX, a subtitle/caption management and transmission platform.

Softron Media Services is bringing their Streaming Node and OnTheAir Video products.

Sonifex Ltd. has the new CM-CU1 commentator unit with individual commentator output and an additional output providing a mix of commentator and line input audio.

Sonnet Technologies brings the Fusion R4500, a 1 RU RAID storage system that features a built-in RAID 5 controller and eSATA interface. 

Sony will highlight its F65 with 8K sensor and the new F55 and F5 cameras, and showcase its line of 4K-related accessories for acquisition and production.Sony’s NLE, adds dozens of substantial feature enhancements, performance improvements and workflow innovations. Sony will also exhibit the Sound Forge Pro Mac multichannel audio recording and editing application; and it line of professional display technology, including the PVM and LMD display models that offer a range of new enhancements.

Sound Devices will show the newest updates to its PIX recording solutions with new Apple ProRes 4444 recording capability, and feature its 664 field mixer.

SSLwill highlight its new v6 software for the C100 HDS digital broadcast console

Stagetec will show off the latest developments in digital audio consoles, audio routing systems and intercom systems.

StorerTV will have CentriX, which manages workflow automation on a central system that integrates multiple hardware and software systems, including Oracle, SAP, SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

Streambox is partnering with Blackmagic Design in a soflware bundle involving the use of StreamboxME Pro for iPhone/Android, Streambox ME Pro for OS X, Streambox Media Player Pro and the Blackmagic Mini Recorder or Blackmagic Mini Monitor.

Studer will spotlight its new Vista 1 22-fader console, Vista 5M3 with TFT metering, and VistaMix, an auto-mix system. Studer will also show integration efforts with many third-party systems, including Riedel MediorNet.

Studio Technologies’ Model 5152 video generator/audio embedder module enables four stereo digital audio signals to be embedded into the SDI signal; plus the 5153, designed to allow guest users to be linked via four-wire or partyline to ports on a host intercom system. The Model 5190 allows remote access of up to 16 Model 5100-Series modules and features 10/100 Ethernet connection and integrated Web server.

Tascam will launch its new budget TH-02 closed-back headphones.

TBC Consoles will display its IntelliTrac line with some advanced models tailored for integrated production system automation applications. One is a console designed to accommodate systems such as Grass Valley’s Ignite or Broadcast Pix’s Granite.

TeamCast will highlight a new software release for the RQX-1410, a Quality-of- Service RF measurement probe for the DVB-T2 and DVB-T market. TeamCast will also bring back its Odyssey RF test system, which can provide real-time readings for MER, S/N, BER and frame error rate.

Tedial will debut enhanced Web-based technology for its Tarsys asset management system, featuring a unified interface to allow access content from a single screen.

Tektronix will show the WFM8300 waveform monitor that can be used for advanced compliance testing such as 3G eye-pattern analysis with jitter, ancillary/metadata confirmation, error logging and gamut. The WFM8300 includes ITU 1770/1771 audio measurement for analog and Dolby E.

Telemetrics will introduce its CSP camera shader panel, designed to provide remote matching of multiple automated cameras, and the new the RCCP-1 robotic camera control panel.

Telestream will showcase the new Vantage Cable/IPTV transcoder, developed to automate content preparation and delivery for cable VOD and IPTV workflows.

Telos Systems Hx6 is a new six`-line POTS/ISDN phone system equipped with two Telos DSP hybrids and a full suite of audio processing tools.

TFT will introduce a new single EASCAP device, the EAS911+, a new fourstream video overlay, and an SDI/HDI/ASI monitor for the CALM Act compliance that includes both video and audio alarms and 1TB recording capabilities standard and 2TB optional.

Thales Angénieux will showcase seven lenses that feature 5K image coverage.

The Tolis Group will show its Argest CreativeStore DAM system incorporating CatDV asset management.

Thinklogical is bringing VX and HDX series of routers, which provide up to 6.25 Gbps of bandwidth and can operate over either multimode or single mode fiber-optic cables.

Thomson Video Networks will showcase its Sapphire MPEG broadcast server; the ViBE EM Series of MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC encoders; and newest feature set in the Amethyst III switcher.

Tiffen’s Davis & Sanford brand will introduce two tripods, the CrossWise CR3-60 and the Artisan, which has a maximum working height of 60 inches.

Tiffen’s Domke brand will premier its Next Generation Domke equipment bags which feature the new Domke GearProtex divider and PocketFlex pocket and pouch personalization and customization systems.

TMD will highlight i-mediaflex, a digital asset management environment that uses standard web browsers across multiple platforms, and the Mediaflex archive.

Triveni Digital will demonstrate its StreamScope MT-40 transport stream analysis and monitoring solutions, which now include advanced audio loudness monitoring capabilities.

TVLogic will preview a daylight-readable 1,000 cd/m² max brightness version of their 1,024 x 600 resolution 7-inch viewfinder/field monitor.

TVOne will show the C3-540 Corio master, which combines edgeblending, video wall processing, multiviewing, windowing, image warping, and video processing with up/down/cross-conversion in one device. Also for review, the C2-6204 and the C2-6104A multiviewers.

TVU Networks will showcase their modular TVUPack TM8200, which leverages multiple 3G/4G/LTE data connections to transmit broadcast-quality video, and TVU Anywhere, a broadcast platform for cellphones and notebooks.

Utah Scientificwill roll out a new 4K signal-processing module also provides multiplexing, demultiplexing.

VariZoom will debut the Stealthy, a steady motion stabilizer, 3-point shooter, mini monopod, full monopod, and tripod, all in one device.

Vector 3 will be on stage with the Vector3 Supervisor, specifically designed for TV channels which need to rebroadcast content with a delay; an the Media-Manager workflow engine for play-out and master control.

Video Clarity show its RTM line of digital monitors. An RTM can look at both upstream and downstream samples and will record A/V sequences surrounding any quality degradation point.

Videssence will demo a 100 Watt Fresnel LED lighting fixture, featuring a CRI of 97. The company will also premier a 200 Watt LED soft light to its line of studio fixtures. Videssence is also adding a new range of LED fixtures to its video conferencing lineup.

ViewCast will exhibit the 9100-4D digital high-density encoder, and will demo Osprey 845 and 820 video capture cards, and live HD closed captioning.

ViewZ USA’s new VZ-470PM-3G 47-inch reference display monitor features 3G HD-SDI, 1920 X 1080 resolution and a 2K input capability. The VZ- 470PM offers waveform monitoring and vectorscope capabilities, 16-channel audio monitoring, importing/exporting of EIA/608/CEA708 3D LUT, and includes internal calibration

Viking Satcom plans to show their 3m, 3.4m and 3.7m motorized, dual-axis, prime-focus antenna systems, along with “Navigator” mounts that allow extended motorized azimuth and elevation travel.

Vimond will showcase new single source, multiformat streaming and digital rights management capabilities.

Vinten Radamec will introduce a new “ready-to-use” robotics system and CP4 robotics control, and introduce its Vision blue3 pan-and-tilt head designed for intermediate weight camcorders and highly accessorized DSLRs.

Vision Research will preview the next member of its Phantom product line and its latest camera models, including the Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro LC320S and the Phantom v642.

Vislink will show their LiveGear Air- Stream, cellular Internet Newsgathering (iNG) transmitter, along with the LiveGear LGR-1000 cellular iNG receiver; the Link L9801 Sony sidemount and the Gigawave D-Cam clip-on H.264/MPEG4 HD wireless transmitters, and the Advent Mantis MSAT portable satellite data terminal.

Vitec recorder include the Focus FS-T2001 XDCAM media recorder and the FS-H50/60/70 proxy recorder, which attaches to a camcorder and allows users to record proxies while simultaneously recording high-res video.

Vitec will be on hand with the Proxsys media archive solution; the Focus FS-T2001 XDCAM media recorder and the FS-H50/60/70 proxy recorder; and the Optibase MGW Pico ultra-small encoder with HD/SD H.264 encoding and streaming with KLV metadata support.

Vizrt will show the new version of its real-time 3D compositing system, Viz Engine, capable of IP in and IP out, offering a complete end-to-end IP solution for broadcasters to manage all their content.

Volicon will debut Observer Mobile, which gives users access to content anywhere, anytime through an iPad or iPhone.

Wheatstone will show Dimension Two, an expanded version of its Dimension One audio console; and the TS-22, a multi-featured studio talent station that integrates microphone, monitoring, and communication functions over the Wheatnet-IP audio network. Wheatstone is also adding three new signal processing models.

WideOrbit will highlights its WO Traffic and WO Program.

Winsted will show the latest in its EnVision Command console series in single-, double-, or triple-tier configurations, with each tier supporting either 7.5- or 15-inch “slat-track sections. Winsted will also unveil E-SOC control stations.

Wohler will debut the AMP1-16M dualinput SDI audio monitor and the RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform; and show several multidisplay solutions. The company also will showcase three new additions to its DVM family of video monitors.

Worldcast Systems/Audemat will showcase its Goldeneagle ATSC RF/MPEG test set, which now has updated software with new features. One of these new features is the ability to view a slideshow of video content from any monitored channel, providing a bandwidth-friendly alternative to video streaming.

Wowza Media Systems will showcase new features to its Wowza Media Server 3 media streaming platform with support for MPEG-DASH.

wTVision will display SportStats CG, Studio CG and ChannelMaker.

XDTwill launch Catapult Suite, a standard local network share to internal networks while optimizing WAN transfers transparently in the background

XenData will demonstrate a collaboration with axle Video to provide an open standard LTO archive for Avid Interplay Production users. The archive includes a Xendata SX-520 Series Archive Server with near-line RAID that manages an LTO robotic tape library.

XOR Media will showcase the compact XOR Universal MediaLibrary Eseries storage system.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems is bringing the new Ri8-D and Ro8-D Dante-based input and output rack units; Ri8-D head amps can be controlled from compatible Yamaha consoles.

Yellowtec’s iXm is a pro microphone with built-in recording and auto-leveling features.

Yospace adds closed captioning to Flash streaming.

Z Technology
will show an updated version of its R-507 programmable field strength meter that provides NIST-traceable signal strength measurements over a range of 5 to 1,000 MHz.

Zylight will showcase its 3.5-inch thick F8 LED Fresnel for ENG and a new IS3c LED light which now includes a Chimera softbox with every instrument. The company will also show new cases and kits for its Z90 LED.

Editing and Graphics

Cable and Fiber
Satellite and Remote
Test Equipment
Batteries and Lighting
Camera Support
Switchers and Routers