3ality Digital focuses on 3-D workflow

At the 2011 NAB Show, 3ality Digital introduced new workflow software for 3-D production that it said will bring 3-D production crews an unparalleled level of automation and flexibility, ultimately providing broadcasters better, faster and less expensive solutions for successful 3-D production.

The Burbank, CA-based company has developed three new products for live 3-D broadcast environments as part of its 3space line of technologies: the IntelleScene, IntelleMatte and IntelleMotion systems. Other existing products include IntelleCal and IntelleCam.

IntelleScene offers automated management of transitions and scenes for 3-D comfort. By managing real-time, depth-specific metadata, IntelleScene prevents eye-straining transitions between shots, increasing viewer comfort and helping broadcasters avoid potential safety issues that arise with poorly managed 3-D geometry

IntelleMatte is a 3-D graphics application that gives production crews the ability to insert a graphic between objects in the foreground and background for 3-D compositing via automated composite scene depth management.

IntelleMotion provides real-time 3-D motion stabilization that allows broadcasters to use powerful long lenses to capture motion from great distances without causing unnecessary viewer discomfort. Because IntelleMotion can compensate for IS/VR tracking, special lenses are no longer required, which opens up the standard long lenses that mobile production clients need.

IntelleMatte and IntelleMotion are stand-alone systems that can be used with any 3-D left/right-eye program feed and are not dependent on a 3ality Digital acquisition system.

Steve Schklair, CEO and Founder of 3ality Digital, said the new solutions address some of the core challenges in capturing live events in 3-D, while reducing the complexity and costs associated with its production.

The new workflow technology is already being used on feature films such as “The Amazing Spiderman” and “The Hobbit,” which are both currently in production.