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'Testosterone TV' Comes to NAB

Excitement-seekers at this year’s NAB Show should make time for "Testosterone TV: Behind the Scenes with Original Productions," where Original Productions CEO Thom Beers will discuss his work behind the scenes of reality work shows including “Deadliest Catch, “Ice Road Truckers,” “Ax Men” and more.

Starting Monday, Apr. 11 at 1:00 pm, the session will feature Thom Beers, members of his production team and Original Productions higher-ups including Philip Segal, president and executive producer, Jeff Conroy, vice president of programming and executive producer, Sarah Whalen, co-executive producer and Gayle Gilman, co-executive producer. “Testosterone TV” will be moderated by Broadcasting & Cable Executive Editor Melissa Grego.

The session will reveal the company’s method of capturing high-risk, blue-collar professions such as dangling from giant trees, traveling icy mountain roads and navigating the open seas. The crew will discuss solving production challenges, balancing risk and safety and developing trust with their respective casts

A FremantleMedia company, Original Productions was founded by Thom Beers in 1997.