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2015 ATSC TV Conference Demos New Emergency Alert System

WASHINGTON – While talk of the future of television via ATSC 3.0 was highlighted by things like targeted ads, UHD and more, the 2015 ATSC TV Conference, held on May 14 in Washington D.C., also took the time to demonstrate how ATSC 3.0 will improve the emergency alert system with AWARN.

Announced earlier this year, the Advanced Warning and Response Network is able to leverage the higher data throughput, more robust transmission and improved indoor reception from ATSC 3.0. With a standard alerting protocol, AWARN can wake-up a device and deliver video, evacuation routes, multilingual translations and HTML pages. Next generation broadcast TV equipment can deliver AWARN media, including a GatesAir exciter, LG/Zenith FPGA tuner/demodulator and a LG 4K UHD TV with an embedded ATSC 3.0 upper-layer firmware.

AWARN utilizes terrestrial broadcasting rather than cellular network connectivity. ATSC is actively working on incorporating advanced emergency alerting into the overall ATSC 3.0 system.