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‘120 Hz’ HD Penetration Grew Markedly in Late 2008

It might already be March but a lot of fourth quarter sales data is still pouring in and that’s significant because the time frame houses the all-important holiday sales season. New sales data from DisplaySearch indicates that one of the most marketed new options for HD products—120 Hz models—seems to have made some rather impressive inroads with especially large-screen viewers.

The Austin, Texas-based researcher said these “double frame-rate” LCD HD models enjoyed shipments of 3.3 million in the final three months of 2008. However, DisplaySearch’s results show that the penetration rate of 120 Hz grew as screen sizes increased—perhaps partly because 120 Hz was marketed as reducing fast-motion blur and “pixilation” in action movies and sports events. And a lot of sports fans shopping for HD sets might have picked the largest screens they could afford.

Final quarter 120 Hz HD shipments accounted for 16 percent of all 32-inch and larger panels, and a whopping 31 percent of 40-inch and bigger LCD screens. Penetration of 120 Hz remained high or got higher as screen sizes approached the 42-, 46- and 52-inch levels.

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