1 Beyond features Wrangler FlexVTR archive recorder at NAB Show

1 Beyond demonstrated the new Wrangler FlexVTR archive recorder at the 2011 NAB Show. The Wrangler FlexVTR archive recorder is a file-based, digital recording and archiving system and can be used for a variety of applications, including as a tape deck replacement on-set; a backup and archive in one step on-set; a way to preserve deteriorating tape libraries and other media assets to the new universal LTO-5 standard; and as a means to transfer camera digital media content faster than real time to Wrangler FlexVTR’s disk array, removable data magazines, LTO-5 tape or any combination.

The Wrangler FlexVTR is packaged in a 4U rack-mount chassis for easy rack, vehicle or portable case mounting. The VTR control software is designed with quick and easy controls using a built-in 8in touch screen with standard VTR functions as well as optional Sony SRW protocol controls.