SNTV Launches in HD

LONDON: Sports News Television, the joint-venture between Associated Press and IMG Worldwide, launched its high-definition Sports News service.

The move to HD gives sports news customers more choice in how they receive content, whether in HD or SD, both in the traditional broadcast market and on digital platforms. This is part of AP’s high definition rollout, which will see all news content available in HD by the second quarter of 2012.

“We start with the Australian Open, then the African Cup of Nations, Euro 2012, the London Olympics, the Ryder Cup and the T20 Cricket World Cup,” said SNTV Managing Director Martin Kay. “This is in addition to our ongoing coverage of football, tennis, golf, U.S. sports and more.”

AP’s video business transformation program HD delivery forms a key part of a major transformation of AP’s video business. In the move to HD, AP is changing the way it gathers, produces and distributes news to its customers, involving a series of upgrades, including the introduction of more than 200 HD cameras, upgraded mobile satellite trucks and enhanced backhaul capabilities to handle the HD signal.
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