Vendor View, Laurent Roul, Enensys

Expected tech trends: HEVC, 4K, UHD and OTT services are all going to be hot topics for this year's IBC.

New at IBC: Our New HDc modular chassis will make its debut at IBC. It is a reliable, flexible solution that can house up to six modules in 1RU, generating valuable space and cost savings. It allows our DTT regionalisation and optimisation modules to be hot swappable, and offers customers scalability; they can start with one or two modules and upgrade later with additional features.

We'll also be highlighting our Regional Emergency Warning System (rEWS), which provides TV-based (DVB-T2) emergency warnings of dangerous weather events and natural disasters.

Also new for IBC is the ASIIPGuard switch. This is the latest version of ENENSYS' ASIGuard switcher technology, providing a higher density, cost-effective switcher option that can support up to six switchers in one unit. It switches seamlessly between up to three ASI and IP feeds with ASI and IP bypass.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: Some of our customers are already deploying 4K as an official service over DVB-T2 networks. They are also identifying 4K as an enabler for DVB-T2 services.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: I would recommend the Cornelius pub, which serves a wonderful Chouffe beer.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: I've been to many IBCs. The weather in Amsterdam is never predictable, so I would make sure you pack an umbrella!