Sine Control - PowerClamp TVSS

PowerClamp "TVSS" surge suppressors are the industry's most effective way to greatly reduce or eliminate equipment damage caused by surges and spikes on the AC power line. PowerClamp TVSS units will "clamp" AC line disturbances to within just a few volts of normal voltage, protecting broadcast transmitter sites and studios from damaging transients. Once installed, they are maintenance-free and do not degrade over time. Automatic line voltage tracking ensures their performance remains consistent, even when the AC line voltage rises and falls. PowerClamp TVSS units are parallel-installed, and will never interrupt power to the transmitter. PowerClamp TVSS units are available in several sizes, up to 200,000 surge-amp capacity. All PowerClamp TVSS products include a 5 year pro-rated warranty. Thousands of PowerClamp TVSS units are in use, protecting broadcasters worldwide.