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Quantel rolls out Zone Magic

Quantel has unveiled Zone Magic, a genuine federated workflow that enables local and remote media sharing and production that is secure, flexible and network efficient. Zone Magic is an enterprise-wide extension of Quantel's Frame Magic technology that also uses the company's Split Remote developments to broaden the application beyond a single location server environment to any number of systems, located anywhere in the world.

At a local level, a single organization can service the differing needs of several broadcast channels, based on some shared, and some private, source material. Zone Magic's federated workflow allows the organization to specify precisely which users have access to shared material on various servers and which users have exclusive access to material that is private to an individual channel.

Scaling up a level, Zone Magic provides a bridge for a broadcaster with two or more regional locations. Typically, national-interest material and finished stories will be shared, while local news may or may not be of wider interest. With Zone Magic's federated workflow, all regions can browse the content of the others' sQ systems and if desired, edit it remotely to suit their own regional storyline at browse resolution. Only the finished piece is then pulled over the network at broadcast resolution.

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