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New Products

ExtremeStor-DI REDe Tower

Desktop video storage workstation designed for Red Digital Cinema CPU-intensive content; integrates Dual Intel Quad Core processors for maximized computing power; with 2.5TB to 10TB of internal storage to choose from, the unit delivers up to 600Mb/s of sustained data throughput in RAID 5.


Hybrid-fiber camera connector withstands tough mobile environments with shuttered optics to prevent contamination; field-repairable, gender-changeable, reliable and designed to be as easy to use as ProAx Triax connectors; o-ring protection provides an IP68 rating without external protection boots; offers higher optical performance due to the exclusive use of the BX.5 APC fiber connector that has a minimum return loss of -65dB; supports high data rate demands.

DX Avid

Editing system maximizes real-time performance by tightly integrating Avid software and hardware with the CPU, host graphics card and PCI Express connection to create a high-bandwidth, high-performance effects engine; provides real-time output of all major SD and HD formats, as well as native support for “Thin Raster” formats, including DVCPRO HD and XDCAM HD; offers real-time output with multiple streams of HD and native editing support for AVC-I.
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Broadcast Enclosures

Housing and storage solutions feature welded steel frame construction for strength and support and the Quick Mount System for flexible and quick cable routing; options include reversible doors, riser bases, side and top panels, spacing panels, EIA rail kits, drawers and front-mount work surfaces; accessories include shelving, mounting devices and cable tie mounts; for passive convective cooling, options include perforate, solid glass and vented doors, as well as a variety of top-panel options.

Brick House Video

A range of rack-mount and portable digital production switchers; combine full broadcast specification with program/preview bus switching; Callisto-P is a portable six-input self-contained switcher with universal power supply; Callisto-F is a rack-mount eight-input switcher with integral front panel control; Callisto-R is a rack-mount eight-input switcher with Callisto-C RS-422 linked remote panel.
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HHD ENG lens provides 17X magnification, with 7.6 focal length at the wide end and 130mm focal length at the telephoto end; maximum relative aperture is 1:1.8 for 7.6 through 102mm, and 1:2.3 at 130mm; 2X extender is standard; weighs 1.53kg and measures 85mm × 203mm; features Inner Focus, a servo module with Digi Power, Quick Zoom, One Shot Pre-Set, Cruise Zoom and remote control via RS-232.

SE DSP Monitoring System

Audio monitoring system combines the new SE761A 10in DSP subwoofer with 8130A digital input active monitors for easy configuration as a subassisted stereo or multichannel reference system; features new AutoCal GLM SE software that provides a familiar graphic interface to speed setup and calibration; designed for smaller recording and mixing environments.

Hitachi Kokusai

HDTV camera enhancements feature 60dB signal-to-noise ratio at F10 and 1100 horizontal TV lines; new CCU provides fiber or digital triax/coax transmission as well as an optional crossconverter to make 720p out of 1080i and embedded digital audio in the HD-SDI outputs; camera head features dual HD-SDI, MON, dedicated prompter, aux return and serial data outputs; offers two choices of CRT-based ENG-type viewfinders, as well as three different studio VF solutions.


On-set storage and post-production system features real-time I/O and rugged construction for single or dual streams; ReadyStor Arrays capture 2K, HD and SD in real time; Ready Stor Production captures content on-set and allows for creation of EDLs for editorial and dailies; ReadyStor Review allows users to review shots on a ReadyStor Array and imports EDLs; ReadyStor Post allows the insertion of the ReadyStor Array to make content immediately available.


Flash-memory tapeless ENG system developed in cooperation with Toshiba includes the GFCAM HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder, the GFSTATION GFS-V10 studio deck and the GFPAK high-capacity Flash media to record more than two hours of HD video; features an open-codec HD/SD architecture, proxy video and metadata convenience.


Fiber-optic transport link supports 1080p connectivity; economical solution for any digital signal from 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s; available in standalone and rack-mount configurations; ideal for field remotes, sports, ENG/SNG and in-plant distribution.


Multiformat digital switcher provides multicamera switching for small production studios, flight packs and live OB vans; handles up to 12 HD/SD-SDI sources with frame synchronizers available on four inputs; supports switching for up to 6 sources with frame synchronizers on two inputs; supports 480i, 576i, 720p and 1080i; has one preview and two program outputs, three SDI AUX outputs that provide clean feed and one down converted output; 2-D transitions and PIP effects with pattern generator.

Link Research

HD-capable wireless camera transmitter supports a wide selection of RF modules that can be swapped over to operate in bans of 1.4GHz - 7.5GHz; uses Link Research's encoding and modulation methods to cut transmission delays to about one frame, making the transmitter suitable for live sports productions; includes options for camera control for Sony and Thomson Grass Valley cameras.
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ProCast CDN

High-performance content distribution platform optimizes file transfers over any IP network, delivers dramatically increased efficiency over long distances; incorporates advanced WAN acceleration technology, network management, and bandwidth prioritization, enables organizations to initiate, monitor, and manage transfers of large files between multiple geographic locations faster and easier.

Compact Router series

Affordable, rugged video routers available in 1RU or 2RU footprints; complimentary Java-based configuration tool; supports 3Gb/s, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES, AV, AA, and Data formats; optional field-installable control panel; panels can be programmed like all NVISION Compact Router hardware panels, by using the new CRSC software.


Compact and responsive mixing console designed for TV and radio broadcast studios and OB trucks; available as standard version with up to 54 input channels and as XL version with up to 140 input channels, both with a hardwired bus layout featuring eight sums, eight aux paths and eight n-1 sums; both versions support surround up to 5.1; control surface construction is completely modular, based on an eight-channel grid, yet the surface layout can be chosen freely from eight to 40 channel strips plus a master section.

Joe and Ed

Broadcast editors for Enterprise sQ and Newsbox HD integrated production systems; Joe is the journalist editor, configurable to individual requirements and adapted to work inside newsroom computer systems; provides editing, scripting and control from a single interface. Ed is the craft editor, fully loaded with multi-layer timeline and complete Quantel production toolset.

OnAir 2500

Digital on-air console with control surface, I/O breakout, DSP core and power supply integrated within a single compact chassis; available in configurations of 12, 18 and 24 faders, with motorized channel faders available as an option; fader strips include a graphical OLED screen, which contains a channel lable, level and gain reduction meter and parameter readouts, adjustable via rotary encoder and two push buttons below the display.

Middle Atlantic Products

Series of anti-slip cable support pads designed to drop in from top of racks; improves cable management and performance in broadcast applications; takes almost 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension at mounting points; no need to over tighten the cable fastener risking the deformation of cables.

VikinX Sublime Compact
Network Electronics/VPG

New line of routing solutions in small configurations is part of the VikinX Sublime router range; provides flexible, reliable and affordable 16×2, 8×8 and 16×16 analog video/audio, AES digital audio and SD/HD digital video router solutions to those requiring small configurations, such as mobile outside applications; all units feature router partitioning and can be controlled via RS-232 and NCB.

Vector 750

Pan and tilt head features CG range span of 80mm-250mm; with a maximum payload of 165.3lbs (75kg), the system facilitates use of camera accessories such as a talent monitor and spotlights; like the Vector 700, its counterbalance mechanism does not use springs or cams; a system of mechanical linkages balance cameras with various center-of-gravity points, making adjustment simple and eliminating the need for time-consuming cam changes when altering the camera configuration.