MMT introduces mobile display at CES 2012

Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT) introduced its new mobile display, the Monitor2Go, at the CES 2012 Showstoppers Media Event. The display has a 15.6-inch LCD LED-backlit 1600x900 HD+ screen, is 1-inch thick and weighs less than 3lbs., but it is fully protected with aluminum and ABS construction. It also features 180 degree screen pivot and rotation, with landscape and portrait modes.

The display is equipped with an HDMI input, a USB mini-B input and two spare USB-A inputs. It works with all USB Windows and Mac laptops and desktops, as well with HDMI devices including tablets, smartphones, and DVD players.

Up to six of the displays may be daisychained through the DisplayLink USB virtual graphics display. The display also carries, protects and locks the iPad2.