Edge blending feature added to several TV One switchers

Owners of TV One’s CORIO2 C2-7000 line of multi-format scaling switchers can now add the company’s edge blending feature, which can be downloaded for free at TV One’s tech support Web site with the user manual. New C2-7000 and several C2-1000 series switchers will have edge blending as a standard feature, including the C2-1150, C2-1250 and C2-1350.

The C2-1150 is a down converter, while the C2-1250 is an up and cross converter with genlock, keying, PIP and internal audio switching. The C2-1350 is an up, down and cross converter also with genlock, keying, PIP and internal audio switching.

For users looking for a dual channel unit with more options, edge blending is available on all the C2-7000 Series, which includes the C2-7100, C2-7200 and C2-7300. The C2-7100 has multiple inputs and outputs that accommodate RGB, DVI-I, YPbPr, YCbCr, composite and S-video signals, as well as all HD formats and any RGB resolution up to 2048x2048.

For more information, visit tvone.crmdesk.com.