DNF Controls tinkers with 2044CL

DNF Controls unveiled its new sequence playout option for its 2044CL Clip Instant Access System. Designed for broadcast and production environments, the sequence playout option enables the 2044CL to give users easy-to-use, precise, reliable and repeatable control over a video server by loading and playing an entire sequence of clips at the touch of a button.

Comprising DNF's ST400 Controller and ST420 Shotbox, the 2044CL Clip Instant Access System gives the user 30 buttons on the Shotbox to instantly access up to 300 single clips or multiple-clip combinations.

The Shotbox buttons lets the user merge prerecorded material with live production, harness the power of monitor walls and other display systems and load and play news segments, graphics, animations, highlights and promos.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com/product/detail.jsp?product=775&type=52&ref=1.