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Display technologies power use-of-force training simulations

Colorado-based IES Interactive Training, a provider of use-of-force training products for law enforcement, military, and government professionals, is using ViewCast's Osprey-440 four-channel video cards in several interactive training simulators.

The IES simulators include the MILO Training & Presentation System, which utilizes video and graphics to train law enforcement, military, and government personnel on firearms, tactics, and agency policies for lethal and non-lethal use of force. This simulation is completed by presenting video and graphics on a large projection screen and requires that the trainee interact with the on-screen stimuli through proper verbal commands, threat assessment, tactics and weapons usage.

Simulator systems developed by IES require that at least three video capture sources simultaneously perform several real-time video capture functions, including video capture-to-file for later playback and capture-to-memory for video analysis, or for overlaying video on top of other video. The three video channels make it possible for the company to provide features that detect trainee weapon usage, provide simulated flashlight or low-light training, and record video and audio of the trainee in a training session for later review.

The Osprey-440 allows IES to incorporate the advanced features of the system into a single video capture card, resulting in a smaller, more portable system that is still built around scalable and replaceable components.

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