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Data protection solutions deliver new RAID technology

Data Protection Solutions, a provider of disk mirroring and data backup products, has announced the addition of its next-generation DD4 technology with the EzRaid 3.5in DD4 Serial ATA (SATA) Bay Mount products.

Mounting easily into any standard 3.5in or 5.25in drive bay, users may easily connect up to two SATA drives and a system motherboard to the EzRaid DD4 SATA controller. Once connected, EzRaid simultaneously and automatically writes data to both drives quickly in the background to build a complete mirror of the system’s data.

The company said this patented technology enables it to deliver maintenance-free, operating system-independent RAID solutions easily deployed in multiple form factors, making EzRaid ideal for system builders with vertically oriented or special purpose systems.

During the set-up process, the mirror drive is automatically built and new data simultaneously written to both drives. In the event of a hard drive failure, EzRaid notifies the user while automatically switching operations to the mirrored hard drive. Upon replacing the failed hard disk drive, EzRaid automatically rebuilds the data in the background creating and then maintaining a constant mirror of all the system data. Because EzRaid simultaneously writes data at the Block-level, EzRaid is compatible with all types of disk drives, drive formats and partitioning schemes.

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