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Canopus MediaEdge-LEB delivers real-time MPEG encoding of live video

Canopus has announced MediaEdge-LEB, a stand-alone video encoding appliance that provides real-time distribution of live video across a network.

Working as a stand-alone network encoding device or with a MediaEdge-SVS2 server, MediaEdge-LEB encodes any analog video source into MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and can instantly rebroadcast the encoded stream across a network for playback on a MediaEdge2 network via the MediaEdge-STB2 set-top box or the MediaEdge-SWT2 software client.

MediaEdge-LEB is well-suited for live event broadcast of analog video from any network location. It eliminates the need for the video feed to be recorded and registered first to a MediaEdge-SVS2 server. With MediaEdge-LEB, any MediaEdge2 client can accept a live video feed at any network location, such as auditoriums, lecture rooms, sports stadiums or remote campuses.

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