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Astro’s SC-2055 provides increased versatility

The SC-2055 from Astro

Astro introduced the SC-2055 with new dual link HD (input and output) and composite (input only) capabilities. These added interface options include HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI and component (RGB/YPbPr/YcbCr). The SC-2055 scan converter provides increased versatility. For these interface options, the user is provided with two input slots and two output slots, allowing for conversion to and from any of the previously mentioned interface options

With Astrodesign's I/P conversion technology and Super Natural Motion Picture technology, jaggy diagonal lines usually resulting from interlaced video signals can be improved without the omission of frames. The SC-2055 performs a smooth conversion of the frame rates and resolution of the video signal and produces excellent scaling results.

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