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ALTINEX delivers new transmitter and receiver

The DS801-111 receiver from ALTINEX

ALTINEX released the DS801-110 transmitter and DS801-111 receiver two twisted pair audiovisual products to its INTERA series of wall mount designer solutions. The DS801-110 and DS801-111 are intended for systems that require ample wall connectivity.

The DS801-110 is designed as a wall installation to transmit RGBHV or component video and audio over UTP cable and offers a female 15-pin HD input with native plug and play compatibility. A 3.5mm stereo audio jack aids input that is converted to mono audio prior to transmission. The DS801-111 receives computer video and audio encoded twisted pair signals and provides video equalization for cable runs up to 300ft.

For more information, visit DS801-110 and DS801-111.

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