Acterna provides test and management support for KBS

Korean Broadcast Systems has selected Acterna’s DTS product line of digital broadcast test and management systems to perform signal analysis and monitoring. By performing MPEG-2, DVB, and ATSC testing, the DTS will ensure reliability, cost effectiveness, and accuracy for KBS' programming.

KBS and all of its local affiliates are launching an effort to digitize its cable television (CATV) capabilities, with complete HD programming targeted by 2010. The transition started with metropolitan areas in October 2001 and will expand to other areas during the next five years.

The broadcaster currently uses the DTS-300 and DTS-330 to measure the quality of its digital broadcasting during system setups. Each affiliate is required to obtain a certification for signal transmission from the government before transmitting digital broadcasts. With the DTS, KBS can satisfy government and industry requirements by measuring the system's data stream to make sure it can handle the data without errors.

Once the systems are approved, the DTS continues to monitor the signal quality on an ongoing basis to identify sources of network errors, monitor alarm and transmission rates, and report on the network's performance during ongoing operations.

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