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Aastra Technologies WaveStar encodes HD for NFL

An Aastra Technologies WaveStar HD encoder allows NFL Network to bring high definition NFL Films game imagery to its viewers, while reducing the time between production and air.

WaveStar is a flexible, modular, real time MPEG-2 video encoding, decoding and multiplexing platform. WaveStar’s architecture is based on a unique high-speed (155 Mb/s) mid-plane data multiplexing bus, contributing to the system's flexibility and ease of operation.

Aastra also supplies NFL Network with its VideoRunner codec equipment to feed live SD game feeds and other production content between NFL Films and the NFL Network production facility in Culver City, CA. Up to 12 SDI channels of programming content is 4:2:2 compressed, multiplexed and transported as ASI over a terrestrial IP MPLS network.

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