Zype OTT Platform Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

(Image credit: Zype)

NEW YORK—Zype is now making its technology available to consumers through the Google Cloud Marketplace, with the company’s OTT Video Platform—including Video CMS, Video CRM, Encoding Playout, Content Delivery and Video Connectors—available through the service.

Google Cloud customers that use Zype will have the following benefits, according to Zype:

  • Ability to build marketplace-ready OTT apps, distributing to mMVPD and FAST platforms across all major platforms; 
  • Program, schedule and deliver VOD to live linear HLS or RTMP using Zype Playout; 
  • Experiment with monetization models, with full support for SVOD, TVOD and AVOD; 
  • Optimize and automate workflows from content ingestion through publishing; 
  • Create customized metadata structures using zObjects; 
  • Manage native marketplace transactions with Zype Marketplace Connect; 
  • Generate MRSS feeds ready for third-party syndications; and 
  • Leverage analytics dashboards for insight across revenue and engagement 

In addition, Zype will be available through an on-demand plan that enables users to deploy on-demand transcoding with no commitment.

“We’re excited to build this partnership with Google Cloud and to provide Google Cloud customers with immediate access to our award-winning video infrastructure,” said Ed Laczynski, Zype CEO. “Our goal is to empower them to focus on innovation and delivering high-performance, high-quality video products to their own viewers.”

For more information, visit www.zype.com (opens in new tab)