Zylight adds wireless control to Z50 LED lights

During NAB2008, Zylight announced the use of its ZyLink technology inside every new Z50 LED light that allows lighting professionals to link together multiple Z50s wirelessly to create large, soft sources of calibrated tungsten light, daylight or any color of the rainbow.

Z50s that are linked together act in concert as if they were one unified LED source, with adjustments made on one light to change all lights in the group. The Z50 Intelligent LED Light can instantly change from fully calibrated 5600K to 3200K white light with the push of a button.

When switched to creative color mode, the Z50 can output any color of the rainbow including pastels, eliminating the need for gels. Designed under license from Color Kinetics, the Z50 produces a soft, wide output with no hotspots.

For more information, visit www.zylight.com.