zLense Offers Three-Camera Virtual Studio Bundle

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY—A three-camera bundled package of zLense’s zTrack VR Studio System is now available. The goal is to offer smaller broadcast and production studios have access to real-time keying effects to create VR environments.

The bundles feature the necessary VR studio elements for up to three cameras, including tracking cameras and zTrack tracking software, three-channel keyer, Unity3D rendering engine with zTrack plug-in, tracking and rendering workstations and online training and support.

There are also optional upgrades available to use of 3D keying for depth-based effects. These include the zLense Studio Rig, DSLR, professional camera and PTZ head remote control, zoom encoding, NDI support, integrated video switching and tilting and rendering engines. All bundles are optimized for interlaced HD resolution rendering, but can also support higher resolution and progressive frame rates.

The bundle packages are now available for $60,000.