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Zenith Hits Million Box Mark in DTV Converter Shipments

Zenith Electronics LLC reports that it has now shipped more than 1 million digital television converter units to retail outlets as part of the national transition to digital TV broadcasting next February.

Company Senior Vice President Richard Lewis said that Zenith is ramping up production to meet consumer demand. Zenith converters are being sold at a number of retailers including Circuit City, Fry’s and RadioShack, with other sales outlets being added to that list.

“Today, we’re pleased to announce that Kmart has joined the list of large retailers now carrying the Zenith DTT901, a remarkable product no bigger than a hardback book that can bring the wonders of digital TV broadcasting even to the oldest of analog TV sets,” Lewis said.

The converter boxes are eligible for purchase with $40 discount coupons being issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Coupons have been available since January and the agency reports that some 21 million requests have been received so far in the program, with new requests arriving at the rate of more than 106,000 per day.

Zenith has established a toll-free telephone hotline to assist viewers with any questions they may have about the DTV converter boxes. The number is 877-993-6484.