Zaxcom introduces mini time code-referenced audio recorder

Zaxcom now offers an ultra-compact and lightweight replacement for wireless microphones called the ZFR200 audio recorder, which captures audio data on microSD cards and features an integrated SMPTE time code reader/generator.

With a high-strength, water- and corrosion-resistant nylon polymer casing, the ZFR200 weighs a mere 3.5oz and can receive remote control and time code signals via Zaxcom’s IFB100, its new ZaxNet 2.4GHz wireless network, or a manual time code jam. A time code jam enables audio professionals to use any quantity of ZFR200 units in sync all day, with the integrated time code generator ensuring one-frame accuracy over a six-hour period. The ZFR200 can output audio as either 24-bit/48kHz time code-stamped broadcast wave (.wav) files or time code-stamped MP3 files. Each unit is powered with a single AA battery with up to 14 hours of run time.

The ZFR200 is ideal for reality television and similar projects where the production team is faced with interference issues, poor RF range, or no available wireless frequencies. By recording directly to microSD cards on the ZFR200’s body pack, it becomes a low-cost, low-weight replacement for wireless microphones.