XVD Introduces NewsHound II for Remote News Gathering

XVD Corp. has introduced its second-generation NewsHound II backpack ENG system. Launched at NAB2006, NewsHound features a battery-powered, HD/SD encoder and DVB-T/COFDM wireless link system weighing less than 12 pounds, in a self-contained, hard-shell, weatherproof backpack.

XVD NewsHound II enables a single operator to venture up to 3 miles from a DENG truck or other receiver site and stream encoded, real-time 1080i, 720p, 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL) content captured by a DV camera. It can operate up to 4 hours on a single battery charge, and the system provides the capability to record up to 1.5 hours of HD or 6 hours of SD for playback.

New features for the NewsHound II include wireless transmitter options in the 2 GHz and 7 GHz spectrums. NewsHound II also features an SDI input from the camera with embedded or separate analog stereo audio. An Ethernet output is also provided that allows NewsHound to operate into an Internet or Telco link when using the on-board "record/play" option of the TX2000 encoder.

NewsHound II is expected to deliver in the first quarter of 2007.