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XOrbit exhibits streamlined captioning solutions

At the upcoming HD World 2008 Conference and Expo, XOrbit will show the latest version of its RTX live captioning system. Version 2.0 offers a live video and audio confidence signal directly to stenographers anywhere in the world, resulting in more accurate caption placement. Stenographers securely transmit steno data over the same Internet connection, ensuring full on-air captioning data and encoder management.

Also at HD World will be the new RTX Pos, a near-air captioning system that allows remotely based stenographers to turn around captioned content in hours, instead of days. Installed on a stenographer’s local workstation, XOrbit's OmniEdit establishes a direct, secure Internet connection to RTX Post. Using the machine control feature, the stenographer can play, pause, rewind, fast-forward and stop the material just as if he or she were sitting next to the tape source. Once the stenographer has completed the captioning, OmniEdit corrects errors, removes typos and verifies that the material is in compliance with FCC language regulations. When the work is complete, the stenographer transmits the closed-captioned data to the broadcast facility, where it is recorded on an UltraCast caption automation system, a tape deck, or an asset management system.

Also at HD World, XOrbit will show its OmniEdit FE caption creation system. OmniEdit FE is a free introductory version of the company's OmniEdit closed-caption development system. It’s designed to acquaint new users with the full capabilities of OmniEdit, a system used for creating, editing, and maintaining closed-captions, V-chip data, program information, and other broadcast content.

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