XenData unveils LTO-5 archiving system

XenData, a provider of digital video archive software, will unveil its new X1500 archiving system at IBC (Stand 7.H47). The X1500 system has an external 1.5TB LTO-5 tape drive that connects to a Windows7 desktop or tower computer. The solution includes XenData’s new XenData6 software, which provides easy to use archive, restore and tape management functionality.

The XenData X1500 includes support for LTO-5 tape cartridges and fast file transfers. LTO-5 provides 1.5TB per tape, which represents about 65 hours at DV 50Mb/s, a long archival life of 30 years. It also provides excellent performance delivering archive and restore rates at many times real time. The XenData6 software archives to and restores from LTO tape using Windows Explorer and allows the transfer of files to and from LTO by using drag and drop or copy and paste, so files can be easily archived to tape from any accessible logical letter drive or network share.

The XenData X1500 also allows the seamless transfer of nested folder structures to and from LTO tape and supports all file types including nonvideo files. With over 300 installations worldwide, XenData’s archives are compatible with both Windows and Mac environments and work with a broad range of media asset managers, video servers, automation and editing systems.