WVIT-TV Unveils HD ENG Truck

WEST HARTFORD, CONN. — WVIT-TV is rolling on a news gathering vehicle, the “All-Terrain One” or “AT1.” The 4x4 pickup truck is capable of transmitting high-definition satellite and microwave images and is designed to withstand severe weather and rough road conditions in breaking news situations.

“Our state has seen more than our fair share of hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and breaking news recently, and AT1 is an investment in NBC Connecticut viewers as we continue to cover the big stories using the very best tools and resources available,” said Ric Harris, NBC Connecticut President and General Manager.

AT1 was custom-designed by the station’s engineering and technology team with the goal of getting news crews on the scene and on the air faster when news is breaking. With a simple click of a button, state-of-the art technology finds satellites, allowing operators to connect to them with ease thus reducing set-up time when news is breaking.

AT1’s pickup truck frame was chosen specifically to handle Connecticut’s low clearance bridges that are often difficult for traditional news vans to maneuver. Even with a dish and a mast, AT1 navigates under low bridges with ease making virtually anywhere in Connecticut accessible for live coverage by the NBC Connecticut news team.

AT1’s high-definition transmission yields clear images in rough weather situations, and the “Live & Drive” feature sends live video while the truck is moving, showing real-time road, weather and traffic conditions instantly.

The vehicle’s wireless camera equipment gets field crews as close to the story as possible. The portable gear uses cellphone towers to broadcast live video when satellites are not accessible, making AT1 ideal to handle situations both large and small in all possible breaking news scenarios.

AT1 is equipped with a high-definition video switcher that allows for more than one camera to broadcast from the scene, giving viewers more angles to see the story as it happens. In addition, in situations of power failure, AT1 has the ability to stay live on the air using on-board equipment that allows for uninterrupted power.