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WTVision provides real-time election graphics for TVG

WTVision provided real-time on-air graphics to Televisión de Galicia (TVG) in Spain during special coverage of the autonomic elections in Galicia and Pais Vasco March 1. TVG delivered 15 hours of continuous election coverage with hourly updates of results.

WTVision offered TVG’s TV presenter the flexibility to interact with a virtual set and present viewers with virtual graphics. Vote percentages, numbers of elected members and the new composition of the autonomic parliaments were presented to viewers in the form of virtual graphics in real time.

All the graphics were presented in 3-D, and viewers were able to watch comparisons with the 2005 elections.

The election graphics were created using wTVision's Slides CG V3 framework, which supports election character generation and is designed for any type of electoral event.