WTIU adds Utah Scientific compact routers

Indiana University PBS member station WTIU has installed two Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS Universal Distribution System routers in its remote production unit based on the Bloomington, IN, campus. The UTAH-100/UDS units work together as the single nerve center of the mobile production set-up, which produces complex multi-camera specials for the station and its robust client line-up. This includes the Indiana University Department of Athletics, and its video board shows inside the University's football stadium, basketball arena, and swimming and diving venue.

The Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS system replaced the existing patching system in the mobile production unit, saving time and effort during set-up, and ensuring the flexibility to make changes or bypass problem areas during production. Additionally, a router makes it easier to meet routing requirements when hiring out the equipment or working with outside broadcast entities such as the Big Ten Network, ESPN and others.

WTIU relies on two 64x64 UTAH-100/UDS units — one to handle HD video signals and one to handle audio signals — as well as an SC-400 control system and five control panels. Experience and the Utah Scientific reputation gave WTIU confidence that the gear would be able to withstand the punishment of being torn down and rebuilt for each production. In addition, space in the mobile racks is at a premium, and the UTAH-100/UDS units meet WTIU's need for a high density of inputs and outputs in a small footprint.

The modular UTAH-100/UDS system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports. It can also serve as a back-up for the production switcher. If the production switcher were to fail, WTIU could continue with the production using the router as a switcher source.