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WRAL to rely on MicroFirst automation system

Capitol Broadcasting-owned WRAL–TV in Raleigh, NC, has selected MicroFirst’s Digital Automation System (DAS) to provide comprehensive station automation.

This new, fully redundant, multichannel DAS is designed to provide a streamlined workflow for the ingest, metadata management and transmission of multichannel content. It will control WRAL TV’s two mirrored Omneon servers with a total of 18 input and output channels as well as:

  • eight VTRs;
  • two Thomson Saturn master control switchers;
  • one Pro-Bel Sirius routing switcher;
  • one Thomson GVG 7000 routing switcher,
  • three Harris/Leitch ICON branding systems;
  • TeleStream Flip Factory for satellite delivered programming services from DG Systems, Fast Channel and Vvyx;
  • Pathfire for syndicated programming; and
  • Wide Orbit traffic system.

The DAS real-time control runs on MicroFirst‘s real-time Windows compatible OS called the WinMOS, running on MicroFirst’s PowerPC based Multi-port Microcontroller (MPC 3200).

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