Wohler Shipping Touchstone 3G

PanoramaDTV, the video products division of Wohler Technologies, is now shipping its Touchstone 3G portable signal test generator for digital video and audio. The palm-sized, battery-operated device provides instant confidence for signals in virtually any format, including 3 Gbps serial Digital

"As bandwidth-intensive applications demand increasing performance levels, broadcasters and other media companies require a practical tool for testing the integrity of their digital video and audio signals, regardless of format," said Wohler president and CEO Carl J. Dempsey. "Disk-to-disk backup, video editing, nearline data storage, and other media-focused applications involve a greater volume of data than ever before, and our Touchstone device makes it easy to test and confirm signals for even the newest video formats."

The Touchstone 3G can generate 37 different 10-bit video test patterns with embedded audio signals that provide programmed tones for up to eight stereo pairs. Video test patterns include motion zone plates and a pathological signal for 4:2:2 digital signals including 1080-50/60P at 3 Gbps. It can be powered by rechargeable or single-use batteries as well as the included universal AC supply. The portable Touchstone 3G with integrated belt clip may be carried like a mobile phone.