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Wohler features AMP2-16V at KOBA 2010

At the KOBA 2010 show, Wohler featured its AMP2-16V series 16-channel audio/video processing monitor, a new dual 4.3in OLED version of the company's AMP2-16 series modular audio monitor. The 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio/video monitor offers dedicated video monitoring, loudness metering and control, audio mixing and routing, and Dolby Zoom instantaneous Dolby bitstream analysis. Dolby Zoom, applied to all installed digital modules with a Dolby upgrade, dynamically switches between the standard overview of monitored channels and monitoring of the decoded channels and metadata of an available Dolby bitstream without entering any menus. The full trim, pan and routing controls of the mix mode feature reduce dependence on mixing consoles.