Wohler Adds HDR Detection to iVAM1-3, iVAM2-2 Monitors

(Image credit: Wohler)

HAYWARD, Calif.—Wohler Technologies today announced the addition of HDR detection and optional Dolby decoding to its iVAM1-3 and iVAM2-2 16-channel audio/video monitors.

The new HDR detection capability is now available with new product shipments and available via Wohler’s website as a free upgrade for existing users.

HLG, PQ and SLOG3 are all displayed as HLG on the status screen, while the HDR10 and HDR10+ formats are mirrored on the status display screen. The feature is also available for Wohler’s iAM-12G-SDI.

The new support for Dolby decoding provides for monitoring of Dolby D, DD+ and E. Monitoring may be added to existing iVAM units with the purchase of a license. No additional hardware purchase is required. 

The Dolby Zoom feature allows operators to zoom quickly into a single Dolby bitstream from multiple encoded Dolby streams and other channels, making it possible to listen immediately to and meter contained audio channels, as well as view the associated Dolby metadata.

When the Output-Mix Routing option is added, Dolby pairs can also be added to custom presets and routed to custom output destinations.

“Adding Dolby monitoring options for the iVAM1-3 and iVAM2-2, and HDR detection to our iVAM and 12G-SDI continues to keep Wohler at the forefront of meeting a very wide number of customer pain points and monitoring requirements,” said Wohler engineering manager Amol Natekar.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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