WKYC in slow motion with DNF controllers

DNF Controls announced that WKYC-TV, Cleveland, has installed two ST300-SRP Sports Controllers and an ST300-SSM Slow-Motion Controller in its new HD control room. The new systems will be used during televised broadcasts from Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians.

Designed for sports production environments, the two controllers give WKYC operators control of the facility’s existing video servers and provide highlight playback and slow-motion instant replay capabilities.

Once action is captured, game footage is recorded onto Panasonic AJ-HD1200A and Sony HDW-2000M video tape recorders, which are both controlled by the ST300-SSM Sports Controller. The ST300-SRP controller supports simultaneous record and playback capabilities, which means WKYC operators can record on-the-field action even after cutting away to commercials and create clips from multiple cameras for different angles of the same event.

The ST300-SRP Slow-Motion Controller combines the power of the ST300 Slow-Motion Controller with the power of DDRs that have simultaneous record/playback capabilities.

The ST300-SSM Slow-Motion Controller provides WKYC operators with single-keystroke cue marking and recall of up to 100 cue points per VTR. Both models feature a T-bar that provides smooth, precise speed control for slow-motion playout.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com.