Winegard shows CioTV at NAB

Winegard displayed a new device called CioTV at the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) booth at the recent NAB 2011 show in Las Vegas this past April. The device provides a wide array of entertainment options in a small, portable package.

CioTV is a touchscreen LCD monitor that receives mobile DTV (MDTV) signals, connects to the Internet, as well as iPod and iPhone devices, will play back material from DVDs and CDs, and also read an SD card.

Savvy on-the-go consumers seeking mobile entertainment options will enjoy the discrete internal MDTV antenna, dual-channel wireless headphones, eight-channel built-in FM modulator, Wi-Fi capability, and the 10.2in LCD touchscreen.

Aaron Engberg, director of the mobile entertainment division of Winegard notes that CioTV is the first ATSC-M/H device with a fully enclosed high-gain internal MDTV antenna. Users turned off by telescoping or dongle antennas will appreciate this innovation from Winegard. The internal antenna receives frequencies from 54-88MHz, 174-216MHz and 470-698MHz.

Of unique distinction is the device's Internet over 3G capabilities. Users can browse the Internet in Wi-Fi-enabled locations or connect CioTV to a mobile phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Winegard notes that CioTV comes with Opera Web browser.

This all comes viewable on CioTV's 10.2-inch AM TFT LCD display. Winegard provides CioTV with a progressive capacitive controls. CioTV emulates the iPod and iPhone GUI through the touchscreen to provide users direct control of their devices from CioTV's interface. Users may also view a movie or pictures with 800x480 resolution at 16:9. CioTV supports DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, CVD, DVC, MPEG-4 and JPEG pictures. Not to forget CioTV can support SD cards and USB devices.

Power options include the 12V auto, AC adapter and rechargeable lithium ion battery good for five hours. It should also be noted that CioTV comes standard with an IR remote control and headrest mount. Optional accessories include a standing docking port, five-hour battery pack, under-counter mount and the AC adapter.