WhiteBlox helps to build a broadband network

WhiteBlox, a new broadcast network solution provider based in The Woodlands, TX, is offering a new, easy-to-use solution that allows professionals to create a broadband network with their own brand name.

The WhiteBlox system makes it possible for organizations to assemble broadband TV networks or enhance existing channels. The company provides the tools and support services from encoding to integration, enhancements and delivery. Additional features include analytics, synched advertising, polling, ticketing, e-commerce, DRM and research.

An integrated ToolBlox comprises technology components and management tools, including an Encoder, PlayBlox, AdBlox, ControlBlox and Distributor, that enable customers to start with any video, audio, text, graphics and other assets, and end up with a fully interactive broadband network.

WhiteBlox clients can broadcast live, live-from-tape and VOD content through a global distribution system, which includes five or more simultaneous streams, automatic encoding and storage, and digital rights management.

For more information, visit www.whiteblox.com.