Wheatstone Vorsis division introduces new M2 Dual Digital Voice Processor

Wheatstone has introduced a new member of its Vorsis audio processor product line, the model M2 Dual Digital Voice Processor. The M2 features twin high-grade, low-noise, wide-bandwidth microphone preamplifiers, plus phantom power, Vorsis-designed audio processing algorithms and analog and digital outputs. The user-friendly GUI is equipped with three user levels, and there are no user controls on the front panel, making M2 ideal for on-air studio applications.

The M2 features a 96kHz audio path, and its dual independent-processing channels can take the place of two conventional microphone processors. Full processing features include de-essing, downward expansion and EQ, as well as high-pass, low-pass and notch filters. The M2 is equipped with a built-in M/S mode for mid/side stereo recording applications. The M2’s unique architecture provides sound-tailoring capabilities, such as the dynamics section that can operate as a broadband, two-band or three-band processor for superior control over all facets of talent voice sweetening.

The M2 stores processing settings onboard via presets and has storage for 80 presets. Full visual representation of all processing functions appears on the GUI, including real-time spectral displays of each section’s processing activity and input and processed signals.