WeComm debuts wave3 architecture for On-Demand Mobile Application Platform

The system enables the delivery of large-scale mobile applications to handsets.
WeComm’s wave3 system lets users access multiple applications, including on-demand video, through a single icon on their mobile phones.

WeComm recently announced the development of wave3, a system for delivering large-scale mobile applications to handsets. The wave3 architecture is embedded into the company’s On-Demand Mobile Application Platform line of products.

The system, comprising a server, network transmission protocol and an application client framework for the handset, gives mobile users the ability to click on a single icon to access multiple applications, such as those for streaming, on-demand and downloadable media feeds and pushed content. It processes and streams entire applications and content from the server to the client framework, which runs multiple applications natively on more than 150 devices. The network transmission protocol optimizes communications according to available network resources.

For more information, visit www.wecomm.com.