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Wazee Digital Integrates TrackVia into Live Event Services

DENVER—Wazee Digital is incorporating TrackVia’s low-code application platform into the Wazee Digital Media Hub and related live event services. With this, users of live event services can integrate real-time scoring data into workflows for instant information for both on-site and remote operators.

TrackVia is designed to create, modify and deploy customized and scalable web and mobile applications to allow users to streamline workflows and processes that require fast and accurate data collection, real-time workflow automation and synchronized task management. TrackVia combines drag-and-drop functionality with a user interface with features such as in-app scripting and modern APIs for application development and management.

With custom applications built atop TrackVia’s low-code platform, Wazee Digital can centralize multiple data feeds so a single producer can track, manage and make real-time decisions about content during a production. The TrackVia platform also works with Wazee’s on-site and cloud workflows. Remote team members have access to all of TrackVia’s data; and Wazee Digital customers can see snapshots of the content being processed through their own dashboard.

Wazee Digital is a provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services.