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Waves Audio releases Vocal Rider mixing plug-in

Waves Audio is now shipping Vocal Rider (opens in new tab), the first in a pioneering series of innovative new mixing tools. Vocal Rider is designed as a tool for mixers and recording engineers, automatically riding gain of vocal and dialog tracks within assigned parameters to relieve the engineer of the tedious task of manually riding a console fader or tediously drawing in every level change on a DAW track.

Setup is extremely easy, requiring only the creation of a target level range of the vocal in relation to the rest of the mix. Vocal Rider then compensates for all deviations from the target, intelligently raising or lowering the vocal volume instantly. Unlike compression, Vocal Rider adds no additional coloring to the track. For this reason, it also uses virtually no processing power on the host computer and operates in real time with zero latency.

Using this plug-in allows vocal riding to become part of the mixing process, with the program creating an on-the-run automation track for later fine-tuning. The Waves Audio Vocal Rider supports up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution and is available for TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST and AU configurations. It is both Windows 7 and Mac OS X compatible.