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VSN Presents Channel-in-a-Box System VSNONE TV

BARCELONA, SPAIN—VSN has unveiled its VSNONE TV system, a channel-in-a-box technology that combines traditional playout and master control system. This system unifies graphics, servers and switchers, routing, audio, and channel branding in a software application that operates on an IT hardware structure.

VSNONE TV servers offer control over the automation process, the media storage, the graphic engine, ingest lines, clip playout, Time Shift, DVB IP/ASI TS encoding tool, DVB subtitling and image capturing. It also offers quality control of the broadcast line thanks to an integrated transcoder. The system allows anywhere from one ingest channel with a SD playout channel to several HD channels and IP broadcast.

VSN is a technology company that specializes in advanced technologies for the broadcast and media industries.