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Vizrt’s Media Engine for Publishing Video Takes the Floor at IBC

AMSTERDAM: The Viz Media Engine is a combination of tools from Vizrt to manage and publish video in any scenario, via a simple user interface with fast search capability. Its redesigned architecture, featuring a rest-based API, makes the life of third-parties—who maintain, install and integrate towards it—easier. The platform’s foundation provides a rich feature set for recording tapes and feeds, rough-cut editing for journalists, and integration with third-party craft editing environments like Avid Interplay and Apple Final Cut.

The Viz Media Engine solution can be further expanded to multisite solutions for exchanging information with other Viz Media Engine based systems. When combined with Vizrt’s complete video platform, the approach brings benefits to all types of video production. With Viz Media Engine, all the steps of publishing can be done from a single point. From the camera situation, to the final playout on TV, Web, phones and other devices, the Viz Media Engine delivers transcoding to a variety of formats at the same time. Tight integration lets a user repurpose existing TV graphics for any handheld device.